Windows 10 will soon be able to log you out if you aren’t at your PC

Windows Hello – as long as you have a camera compliant with it – can log you into your Windows 10 PC, just by looking at you; the behavior is natural and has become quite common in the newer Windows 10 devices – laptops, tablets, or even desktops.

It sounds like an obvious feature – why wouldn’t the PC just log you in when you get ready to work – but the technology simply hadn’t caught up with it until very recently.

There is, however, a part of the experience missing: automatic log out. Windows Hello can log you in, but you will have to log out when you are done with your work manually.

Windows Goodbye

Microsoft is working on changing this; the feature is labeled as ‘Dynamic Lock’ in Build 15002, but internally, it’s known as ‘Windows Goodbye.’

The feature will equip a Windows 10 PC with the ability to detect your presence constantly. If you leave your PC, you are automatically logged out.

This might sound redundant – simply pressing WinKey+L does the same trick; Windows have even had an inactivity timer for more than a decade; if a user doesn’t interact with their PC for fifteen minutes, it can lock itself, for example.

The Dynamic Lock, therefore, needs to be something a lot faster – like Windows Hello. It’s unclear how the feature will work and what it will do differently from existing features, but Microsoft clearly has something planned.

In the enterprise environment, however, the WinKey+L combo will likely maintain its dominant position.

Creators Update

Dynamic Lock’s presence in Build 15002 makes it yet another feature that’s likely to show up for all Windows 10 user with the arrival of Creators Update in April.

The Creators Update is turning into a massive update; slowly, but surely, Microsoft only intends to hasten its pace with these updates.

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