Windows 10 reaches 300 Million Users – Free Upgrade Ending Soon

Windows 10 is probably one of the most successful Windows versions to date. With more than 300 Million users in the first year itself, Windows 10 now has a great acceptance rate. One of the major factors for this good number of users is the free upgrade that Microsoft is providing to users who are running genuine versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

But this free upgrade program is going to end soon – July 29 2016, to be exact. This was an offer given to users when Microsoft launched Windows 10 back in 2015. Since then, Windows 10 has been installed on a number of devices and computers across the world including schools, offices and homes as well.


Windows 10 comes with some new features like a whole new revamped Start Menu, a new look, Cortana, Continuum and more which makes it a great operating system for office and home work. Windows 10 also has a store where the users can download apps from. Microsoft also released their new browser in this very same OS i.e. Microsoft Edge which is far more better than Internet Explorer and comparable to browsers like Google Chrome.

As the time passes, the number of Windows 10 users will obviously increase.

After the free upgrade program is over, Windows 10 will be sold commercially and the prices will start out at $119 for the Windows 10 Home edition. So, if you have an eligible machine and want to upgrade it to Windows 10, do it before 29th July 2016.

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