Windows 10 Photos app update overhauls interface, adds Windows Ink support, and more

Windows 10 is not just an operating system – it is the key to a unified ecosystem of platforms that were once separate but are now one thanks to Windows 10.

Microsoft introduced UWP with Windows 8 – while the OS failed to take off, UWP continues to be present and improved with Windows 10. The new Photos app built with UWP for Windows 10 devices works on Xbox, PC, mobile, and even HoloLens.

Today, it has received a major update overhauling its interface, adding support for Windows Ink, and a whole bunch of brand new filters; there’s even a dark mode! The update is rolling out to every Windows 10 device – it’s not limited to Insiders.

Windows 10 Photos app editor with filters

What’s New

If you launch the Photos app once it has updated, the app tells you what’s new in the latest update – but here’s a quick summary of the three major changes.

The Interface: The app has been completely overhauled; gone is the old boring black theme with an interface borrowed from the Windows 8 era – now the app features a beautiful white theme and is redesigned with the Windows 10 interface in mind.

The text is clear, the spacing is done well, the options are highlighted appropriately – it’s a massive improvement over the previous interface; for those who preferred the dark theme – there’s a dark mode.

The Ink: Windows Ink has been getting some significant improvements in the Insider builds – with the Surface Studio, and the Creators Update, the functionality updates for Windows Ink make sense.

For the Photos app, the latest update adds Windows Ink support, allowing you to Ink over any photo of yours – you can even record this, and share an animated GIF of it.

Editor & Filters: Along with the rest of the interface, the photo editor has been updated as well – and you can also play around with the new bunch of filters added with this update.


The update is available for all Windows 10 devices – Xbox, PC, mobile, or HoloLens – and is rolling out via the Windows Store as we speak.

If you somehow have uninstalled the Photos app from your Windows 10 device and want to reinstall it, it is available via the Windows Store.

The biggest addition with this update is probably Windows Ink – despite the complete interface haul, Windows Ink is still a more significant feature update. Though using it as intended would still require a touch screen device.

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