Windows 10 now runs on 400 million active devices

Microsoft Ignite starts today in Atlanta, and this is one of the first statistics Microsoft has decided to share with us. Windows 10 is now powering 400 million active devices – however, the ‘devices’ are not strictly Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Three months ago, Windows 10 was running on 350 million devices. Today, it is powering just about 400 million devices. That’s 50 million new Windows 10 devices in three months – some impressive numbers considering the Windows 10 free upgrade offer has now ended.

The truth within the truth

There is one problem with these figures – they don’t represent ‘Windows 10’ as you think of it. These numbers include Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 on tablets, Xbox One, HoloLens, and even Surface Hubs. These devices do technically run Windows 10, so it is fair for Microsoft to count them; however, these devices don’t represent what people might think of when someone says ‘Windows 10 devices’ – which is why mentioning this was necessary.

At the end

While 50 million is an impressive number; the rate of growth for Windows 10 has been slowing down ever since Microsoft stopped pushing the Windows 10 free upgrade. Around the end of March this year, Windows 10 had 207 million active devices, which grew to 300 million by May 5. Clearly, the free upgrade did help towards Microsoft’s plans for 1 billion devices by 2018.

Microsoft’s officials are not shy to admit that they might not hit their goal of a billion devices by 2018. Windows 7 is still the most-used operating system around, and while it is six years old – it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.

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