Windows 10 now owns 24% of the desktop OS market share

According to a report by NetMarketShare, Windows 10 market share hit 23.72% at the end of November, amid a reduction in growth since the Windows 10 free upgrade offer ended earlier this year.

The 23.72% market share in November was an increase of 1.12% over October when the market share was at 22.60%; the hurdle, of course, is Windows 7.

A good OS

Windows 7 followed pretty much the same trend as Windows XP – an incredibly well-built operating system, that gained incredible popularity and market share. The thing is: the incredible popularity of the past, continues to affect the present.

Windows 10 – while not a bad operating system – have had its fair share of bad marketing. Microsoft gave the OS away for free – but that’s not entirely true; Windows 10 have advertisements, which have raised quite a few questions about the future of Windows.

There are privacy concerns as well, raised not only by regular consumers who got a bit worried after looking at all the information Microsoft was sending home with Windows 10 but also several privacy watchdogs.

Of course, with all this bad noise about Windows 10, Windows 7 remains the OS with the highest market share of the PC market at 47.17%.

Windows 10 market share November 2016

The Goal

Microsoft’s initial goal was to reach a billion customers in five years after Windows 10 launch – that seems like hard work at this point, especially considering the failure of Windows 10 Mobile.

Of course, Microsoft has also started counting other Windows 10-based devices such as the Xbox One in these numbers.

If Microsoft can turn around the Windows 10 Mobile scene – as Satya Nadella hopes to do – then maybe Windows 10 has a better chance.

These troubles were suffered by Windows 7 as well – Windows XP was an excellent operating system for a long time; however, the newer one always wins in the long run.

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