Windows 10 Mobile will soon let users ‘reset apps’ without a reinstall

The Creators Update is still a few months away – but we are learning new things about the upcoming update every day; while Windows 10 on the desktop is getting some nifty updates such as the new Share UI, Windows 10 Mobile isn’t to be left behind.

Microsoft is adding the ability to reset apps in Windows 10 Mobile – without reinstalling them. A handy feature that might help users who have encountered a particular bug with an app that just won’t go away.

The news comes via the Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia, who managed to get their hands on some screenshots of the new feature – albeit, not in English. The screenshots are, of course, from an internal build at Microsoft – this feature is not yet available to Insiders.

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The Reset

Resetting an app would bring the app to a fresh install state – pretend that it was just installed, and re-build all its files and cache. Of course, you could achieve the same result by uninstalling and installing the app once again from the Windows Store – but that’s a longer way to do it, and takes more time.

Why would you want to do this? Sometimes applications can encounter strange bugs that simply won’t go away because of some random data in the cache – this feature will help you fix that, though, it’s more of a nuclear option, as it will delete everything related to the app.


According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, the feature will make an appearance in the upcoming Insider Fast Ring build this very week.

Though, nothing can be said for sure, at the moment; the feature isn’t a priority, but more of a quality-of-life-improvement, as similar results can be achieved by reinstalling an app – it just takes longer.

A release for the masses is most likely planned for the Creators Update – it’s a long wait until the average Windows 10 Mobile user will be able to use this feature.

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