Windows 10 Mobile Insider delayed due to blocking bugs

Insiders who still have a slither hope left for the Windows 10 Mobile platform have probably noticed the lack of Insider Fast Ring builds for Windows 10 Mobile in the past few weeks – even the latest build is only for the PC.

Dona Sarkar of the Insider Team has revealed on Twitter that Build 15025 is also ready for Windows 10 Mobile, except it isn’t. Microsoft is still investigating an issue that’s blocking the Mobile build.

The Specifics

The issue at hand remains a mystery at the moment; though, speculation is running rampant. Some Insiders have had issues with downloading Insider builds in the past, with updates freezing and/or failing during the download or installation.

Whatever the case may be; Microsoft is working on a fix. It will probably not be ready before the Bug Bash is over, but hopefully, the Insider team can deal with that tiny issue.

It’s not like the Insiders are missing out on features; Build 15025 – as we can see – doesn’t add many features, but rather focuses on being stable enough for a Bug Bash.

The next build is likely to have a massive changelog of bug fixes, which will be interesting to read through.

Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update is expected to arrive sometime in April; whilst the update focuses on bringing a lot of new features for the PC, Microsoft has largely ignored the Mobile version this time around.

There isn’t much to be excited about – even Xbox has more coming with the Creators Update than Windows 10 Mobile.

This, of course, is no surprise; Windows 10 Mobile’s market share has been in a constant freefall, and Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10 seem to collide with Windows 10 Mobile quite drastically.

The fate of Windows 10 Mobile rests in the hand of time, but it’s certainly not looking good.

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