Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 14998 accidentally released by Microsoft

The Insider program has been a rollercoaster of emotions ever since its hiatus last year. After going through two leaks and a (very) problematic Fast Ring release a few days ago; the folks at Microsoft have now somehow managed to release Build 14998 to Insiders on Windows 10 Mobile accidentally.

The Update

It doesn’t look like an Insider build – not at first glance, at least – but it is one, in disguise. The update is named “Localization for English” and takes quite a long time download, perhaps because of its size.

It becomes apparent soon enough – this update has nothing to do with localization.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the update, further confirming its accidental nature.

The Risks

The Insider program has plenty of issues; when builds such as this are released into the wild, however, the issues amplify.

If you update to this build, it is likely that you will be stuck with it. The device would need to be flashed with a stable (yeah we realize that’s an oxymoron) Insider build via the recovery mode.

The update also seems to be bricking devices for many users, as evident by reports on Twitter.

What’s New

Just as was the case with the leaked builds; this is a leak (sort of) and does not include any official changelogs from Microsoft. Therefore, the community has to band together and find whatever is new in this build.

We will update the list below as more is found; here’s what’s new so far:

  • There’s now an option to reset apps.
  • Every settings page now has an option to submit feedback.
  • There’s a new ‘Apps’ menu within the Settings app.
  • It’s now possible to turn off the ‘Glance screen’ feature while charging.
  • Windows Hello has some new animations that make it look faster.

How to get it

It’s an update pushed via Windows Update by Microsoft itself; folks in the Insider program can simply check for updates.

If you can’t find the update any longer, it’s like that Microsoft has rectified its error and the update is no longer available.

If you do find the update; we firmly advise against installing this update, due to the issues mentioned above. But then again, life is no fun without a few adventures.

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