Windows 10 Mobile Fast Ring Insiders get treated with a new camera app

The Insider program is not limited to just unstable Windows updates; Insiders are also privileged access to unstable app updates. Humour aside, the new camera app update is rolling out for Windows 10 Mobile Fast Ring Insiders and gives us a peek at what’s coming in Windows 10 Redstone 2 update.

The new app’s version is 1016.11 and is available from the Windows Store right now (only to the Fast Ring Insiders).

Windows 10 Moble camera update

From the looks of it, it’s not a major update – the UI is tweaked here and there, but there are no significant feature updates as of yet. One feature that’s perhaps new is Time Lapse – you can now press the camera button once, after which the camera will take a photo every few seconds until you press the camera button again.

Besides that, here are a few changes in the UI:

  • Icons are now solid white.
  • Timer button has been moved to the main screen instead of being hidden in a menu, along with the Settings icon.
  • The image review icon is now a square instead of a circle and is located at the bottom right corner now, while the camera toggle icon has been moved to the upper left corner.

Since these apps are not dependent on the actual Windows version (for the most part), we could see more updates being released for this app – and maybe even a release for the Slow Ring and Release Preview Ring as well.
It is, once again, not clear if there are any improvements or features to the image processor – all we can look at is the UI, and the UI has only been tweaked a little.

You can find the camera app on Windows Store here, and as always – as an Insider, your job is to provide feedback to Microsoft if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.

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