Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring Preview Build 14977 brings bug fixes and EPUB support for mobile

Two weeks ago Microsoft released Build 14971, with one tiny problem – it was only for the PC; this week, Microsoft is releasing Build 14977 to the Fast Ring Preview Insiders, and this time it’s only for the mobile.

It seems that a bug that resulted in breaking pre-installed apps after the upgrade has turned into a blocker – the team couldn’t fix it in time for the release, so this week the release is only for Windows 10 Mobile.

Just like last week – because there’s only a mobile build, we don’t have to split the sections; here’s what’s new:

EPUB in Microsoft Edge – Build 14971 released two weeks ago added an interesting feature to Edge on PC – the ability to open and browse unprotected EPUB files. This functionality has now been added to Edge on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft Edge with EPUB support on Windows 10 Mobile

The implementation on Mobile comes with all the same features as it did on PC; it is essentially an eBook reader. There are three different themes to choose from: light, sepia and dark, and the interface include a table of contents, and a seek bar for quick navigation.

You can also – just like on PC – ask Cortana to define specific words. UWP apps do an incredible job of bringing parity between a PC and mobile platform.

Minor Fixes & Improvements

  • The rendering technology used for many types of UWP app content have been changed with a new (better) one; if you discover any visual glitches, do report them via the Feedback Hub.
  • Notification & Alarm:
    • If the setting to show notifications above lock had been turned off, booting up the device and immediately checking the Action Centre while the phone was still locked, could result in an empty Action Centre with no notifications. This issue has been fixed.
    • 3rd party alarm applications will now be able to go past Cortana’s Quiet Hours feature and trigger an alarm.
    • The top-level option to disable alarms in the notification settings on lock screen have been removed – this decision came after feedback from Insiders, as many users were accidentally disabling their alarms. If you still need this setting, it’s now available under the per-app notification settings.
    • It is now possible to customize or disable notifications for the ‘Settings’ app – browse to Settings > System > Notifications > Settings to do so.
  • Translation & Language errors:
    • For French speakers in Canada and France, the “Don’t Forget!” text that pops up when shutting down the phone will now correctly say “N’oubliez pas.”
    • For Chinese, a bug was causing the Chinese Input Method Editor’s input history to display text in English rather than Chinese – the bug has been fixed.
    • An issue that caused text prediction to stop working for Bangla (Bangladesh) keyboard after entering a character followed by a vowel mark has been fixed.
  • OAuth support for Yahoo Mail accounts has been added for mobile, providing improved sync reliability and a more secure experience.
  • While watching a video, if a user disconnects and reconnects a wired headset, the audio could stop working – this issue has been fixed.
  • An issue that caused music apps to unexpectedly stop playing music after playing a single track has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed, where closing a tab in Microsoft Edge, quiting Edge, and then relaunching it, would result in Edge opening a blank page with the previously closed tab’s web address in the URL bar.
  • The Start Settings page wasn’t rendering when opened on an external screen while using Continuum – the issue has been fixed.
  • A bug has been fixed, which caused the Camera app to occasionally not appear after pressing the hardware camera button while the screen was off or while on the Glance screen.

Known Issues

  • Installing new languages, keyboards and speech packs on the phone is still quite messed up – downloads might get stuck and never finish. Any existing languages, keyboards, and speech packs would be carried over when you upgrade to the new build. If you need to install these, it is recommended to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool, go back to a previous version of Windows Mobile 10, install them, and then upgrade.
  • System related notification toasts (e.g. Bluetooth, USB/AutoPlay, etc.) do not work.
  • Windows 10 Mobile devices with 8 GB of internal storage will receive a ‘0x800700b7’ error while upgrading to this build. More details about this issue can be found over here.

That’s it, folks!

This week’s update wasn’t quite a lot to look at – there’s a whole lot of bug fixes, but that’s about it. The EPUB reader for Edge is quite incredible, but we had already had a look at it in the PC-only build two weeks ago.

You can read more about this update on Microsoft’s official blog – do remember, as an Insider, it is now your job to report any bugs you find. Happy Insider-ing!

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