Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring Builds for PC halted, while Microsoft adds support for the Unified Update Platform

In yesterday’s announcement for the Insider Fast Ring Build 14977, Microsoft mentioned a blocker that forced the team into ditching an update for the PC this week – it seems the delay is going to be a bit longer.

Microsoft has announced that the next Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring release for PC – whenever that comes out – will include the Unified Update Platform.

The Unified Update Platform isn’t a single thing, but a set of different technologies that would help Microsoft build the next iteration of Windows-as-a-Service – the idea to distribute Windows with continuous updates, rather than major version iterations every few years.

Office 365, is an example of the software-as-a-service model – Office 365 delivers the latest version of Office to all subscribers, for an annual subscription fee. There aren’t any plans to charge a subscription fee for Windows – yet – but the software-as-a-service model idea is quite similar nonetheless.

Windows 10 on PC


The goal of UUP is to make Windows Updates much more efficient and smaller in size; the new platform would allow for something known as “differential downloads” that would reduce the download size of each update by up to 35%.

Besides the smaller update size, UUP will also fix-up the logic behind checking for updates; this would reduce the time taken to check for newer updates, and use less data while doing so.

The Pause

In early November, Windows 10 Mobile Fast Ring Insiders received an update that brought UUP to the mobile OS; on PC, however, UUP still wasn’t a reality. Today’s announcement is bringing UUP closer to Windows 10 on the desktop, but the timeline remains a mystery.

It’s unclear when the Windows 10 Fast Ring Insiders on PC would be getting their next update – it could be next week, or it could be next month. It is, however, clear that UUP will be a part of the update, whenever it happens.

For those of us who are on the production Windows 10, the upcoming Creators Update will feature UUP in its list of new features.

You can read more about UUP at Microsoft’s official blog.


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