Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring Build 15025 starts the Bug Bash

The Creators Update is coming soon, and so it’s time to focus on preparing for release rather than adding features. Microsoft’s latest build for Fast Ring Insiders doesn’t bring much new but focuses on fixing bugs.

Edge is now an eBook reader beside being a browser; Windows is now more accessible, and (probably) faster for all the Gamers. There’s a night light to keep the eye strain low, a refreshed theme support to add some glow, the new push for VR has started to flow, and even some improvements to Windows Hello. All this – and much more – accomplished by the hard work of the Windows and Insiders teams; now it’s time to work like machines.

The Bug Bash

Build 15025 is the primary build for the second Creators Update Bug Bash. The Big Bash begins on Friday, February the 3rd; Microsoft will release more information about the Bug Bash on Friday morning in Pacific Time.

For those unfamiliar, the Bug Bash week is a special one. It’s when everyone – the Insiders, and the Microsoft engineers, stop working on new features and solely focus on finding and fixing bugs. The Windows Insiders are essential in this process, as they must submit bugs as often as possible during this week.

Thanks to some gamification of the process, Microsoft can achieve the Feedback flow it desires; Insiders will receive a new Quest every day from the Feedback Hub. The Quest can be anything – explore a feature or just use one for a while – the point is to submit any bugs that one encounters during the Quest.

For those who have participated in a Bug Bash previously, there’s something new as well. Every Quest delivered during the Bug Bash will be available throughout the Bug Bash; if an Insider misses out on a Quest for some reason, they can get back to it the next day and still earn its rewards.

Additionally, if an Insider installs Build 15025, completes at least one Quest, and submits at least one feedback during the Bug Bash week, they get to earn this badge:

P.S. The entire Windows team at Microsoft will be encouraged to spend an entire day on a 2G network with Build 15025. Known as Nigeria Day, it exists to give particular emphasis to the developing markets where power often goes out, and the wireless signal is dodgy at best.

Microsoft will also host two special live bug-bashing sessions over on Beam. The first is on 7th February from 2 PM to 4 PM PT, and the second is on 11th February from 7 PM to 9 PM PT.

Microsoft will release a new build once the Bug Bash is over, with all the fixes and improvements made during the Bug Bash – that’s going to be a long list.

Obviously, since Build 15025 is the primary build for the Creators Update Bug Bash – it’s full of bugs. That brings us to our problem.

The 32 Bitters

Folks still running a 32-bit version of Windows for whatever reason they may have will have to go through some hoops if they want to be in the Bug Bash.

It turns out, the Windows Insider team at Microsoft has discovered a critical bug that hinders their ability to push an update for the 32-bit version of Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.

Thankfully, a majority of Windows Insiders are using the 64-bit version – as they should.

The Insiders team will release an ISO for Build 15025 sometime end of this week – once the Bug Bash would have begun – which is when the folks on a 32-bit Windows Insider build can update via the ISO.

Build 15025

Today’s build doesn’t have much to talk about; we are going to provide a summary of everything that’s new. If you want to read about the new features in detail, head to the Windows Blog.

There’s one thing, though: Insiders may see the “Initializing…” status when attempting to download this build via Windows Update. This status might not change – if it does change, it might get stuck at 0% or any other random point.

Microsoft advises Insiders to ignore this status indicator, as the update is still downloading in the background and will be ready when it’s ready. The download progress meter is simply broken; more details can be found here.

  • Accessibility:
    • Windows Narrator now supports braille. The feature, at the moment, is in beta and thus has to be activated in the Settings app.
    • Stereo audio can be converted to Mono; this is useful for the visual impaired who often use only one earbud to hear the PC, so the other ear remains free to hear conversations and sounds around them. This feature can be found in the Settings app as well.
  • The Feedback Hub now has collections; these collections will organize duplicate feedbacks about the same feature or bug.
  • The Windows 10 app developers can now request to pin their primary tile, just like their secondary tiles; Microsoft has written a handy blog post with more information.

That’s about it for what’s new in Build 15025.

Bugs Fixed

  • The bug introduced with Build 15007 that caused some games to minimize without a way to restore is fixed with this build. Gamers can finally test everything new the Game Mode has to offer.
  • An implementation of the new security model in Windows 10 broke access to all Google services for no apparent reason; Google lives once more in Build 15025.
  • The tax season is nigh; Quicken 2017 should now launch and work normally.
  • Microsoft Edge’s extensions should now work as expected.
  • The Insiders should no longer see a ‘Mixed Reality’ entry on the main page of the Settings app.
  • The Network flyout should no longer appear blank; all Wi-Fi networks should now be listed properly.
  • An issue that caused the custom color picker in Color Settings to stop working when new colors were selected has been fixed. Also, the recent colors section should now correctly list all the recently used colors.
  • If one downloads a theme from the Windows Store, deletes it, then downloads it again, it should now appear correctly in the Themes Settings.
  • Improved performance when using point erase to ease ink in Sketchpad.
  • The Windows Ink Workspace will now remember the most recently selected stencil (ruler or protractor) and keep it selected the next time one opens Sketchpad.
  • A strange bug that, after upgrading, wouldn’t allow certain tiles to be unpinned from Start is now fixed.
  • Pinning a tile to Start should now add it at its correct position, rather than in the middle of an existing group of tiles.
  • Some Insiders on PCs with certain older chipsets were seeing colored boxes in place of text and other UI elements in UWP apps; this issue is no more.
  • Desktop shortcuts pointing to URLs should now work properly.
  • Microsoft Edge should no longer freeze while copying text from the address bar.
  • An issue where some captive portal WiFi networks might fail to connect during the new Windows setup process is fixed.
  • The Yes/No voice commands in the WiFi portion of the new Windows setup process should now work properly.
  • Explorer should no longer crash in Safe Mode.
  • An issue where a window might appear to get “stuck” on the mouse after dragging to resize it – even though it has been released – has been fixed.
  • The Taskbar and the Task View thumbnail previews should now scale properly.
  • Task View thumbnail previews should now react to mouse over properly.

There are a few other random bugs fixed as well; you can check them out at the official blog post.

Bugs Created

These are the known bugs; if the Insiders find something else that’s critical, we will update this list.

  • Although the Insiders team has fixed the primary bug causing this issue; some Insiders might still receive nonstop exceptions from the Spectrum.exe service, causing their PCs to lose audio, have unusually high disk I/O usage, and UWP apps like Microsoft Edge to become unresponsive. Thankfully, Microsoft has workaround – check that out here.
  • Gaming & Streaming:
    • Game Mode is enabled system-wide by default in this build, but it will appear as OFF in the Settings. This can be easily fixed by simply toggling it ON and OFF once.
    • A few certain hardware configurations might cause the broadcast live review window in the Game Bar to flash green sporadically while broadcasting; this issue is only visible to the broadcaster, and does not affect the live stream.
    • Some games using certain copy protection technologies might be affected due to a kernel update. The extent of this issue is currently unknown.
  • Microsoft Edge:
    • F12 tools might crash or become unresponsive to user input.
    • The “Inspect Element” and “View Source” options are broken.
  • The Desktop App Converter is broken on Build 15025; Microsoft recommends using a previous build if you want to use the converter tool.
  • A few Tencent apps and games may crash or work incorrectly in this build.
  • Dragging apps from the Apps List to Start’s tiles grid will not work; right click the app, and pin to Start.
  • In the Windows Update, some Insiders might see the prompt claiming “some settings are managed by your organization” despite not being part of one. This is a bug and means nothing.
  • On certain hardware configurations, the PC audio might stop working with a “device in use” error; this issue is being investigated, but restarting the Audio service is a temporary fix.
  • The Action Centre may – sometimes – appear blank or transparent. If this happens, move the taskbar to a different location.

That’s it, Folks!

That’s all there is for the Insiders this week. Build 15025 doesn’t bring much new, but it also ignores Windows 10 Mobile – there’s a reason for that.

As for the Insiders on PC, the Bug Bash week is an important one; make sure to be there, and test and submit any and all bugs you may encounter.

As always, more details about Build 15025 is available at Microsoft’s official blog.

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