Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring Build 15025 is now out for Mobile

That didn’t take long; after Dona Sarkar from the Insider program had tweeted that the Build 15025 for Mobile had hit a blocker, speculation went rampant as to what the bug was. It seems Microsoft managed to fix the issue, as the Windows 10 Mobile Build 15025 is now rolling out for Insiders on the Fast Ring.

Build 15025 is the primary build for the second Creators Update Bug Bash – we talked about that extensively; Microsoft will release more details about the Bug Bash soon – right before it begins.

Build 15025 also brings Windows 10 Mobile to parity with Windows 10 on the PC; everything added into this build has been on PC since the past few builds.

Some Insiders have reported an encounter with error ‘80080008’ while trying to download/install this update; Microsoft has figured out the cause of this issue, and its working on a fix.

Unfortunately, that fix won’t be delivered until a newer build is rolled out; thankfully, there is a workaround – find more details here.

Since there are no surprises, here’s everything new in Build 15025 for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders:

  • Microsoft Edge:
    • The Edge browser can read aloud eBooks – just like it can on PC. This feature also works for EPUB files not purchased from the Windows Store.
    • Colored emojis introduced in Build 15019 for PC are now also on Windows 10 Mobile; any website using emojis will now display the new ones.
  • The Feedback Hub now has collections; these collections will organize duplicate feedbacks about the same feature or bug.
  • Accessibility:
    • Stereo audio can be converted to Mono; this is useful for the visual impaired who often use only one earbud to hear the PC, so the other ear remains free to hear conversations and sounds around them. This feature can be found in the Settings app as well.
  • The Windows 10 app developers can now request to pin their primary tile, just like their secondary tiles; Microsoft has written a handy blog post with more information.

That’s all there is for Windows 10 Mobile in Build 15025. As always, you can read the official Windows blog for more details about these updates.

Bugs Fixed

  • Outlook Mail and Calendar tiles would sometimes stop updating until the tile was resized. This issue has been fixed.
  • Insiders with certain devices like Lumia 635 and 636 should now be able to change the device brightens manually.
  • An implementation of the new security model in Windows 10 broke access to all Google services for no apparent reason; Google lives once more in Build 15025.
  • To help save characters when typing in fields with a character limit; there’s a new ellipsis child key for English, German, French and other Latin-based languages when you press and hold the period key on the keyboard.
  • The Quiet Hours button inn the Action Centre should now work as intended.
  • Notifications:
    • Notifications using stylized icons should now have the correct amount of padding underneath for high-DPI devices.
    • Email and SMS notifications should now open the appropriate app when the notification is tapped.
  • Lumia 950 and a few other devices were not properly dimming before turning off the screen. This issue is fixed.
  • Continuum:
    • The Print Screen key on the keyboard should now take a screenshot of thee second display while using Continuum.
    • Preview Thumbnails should now correctly appear when using task switcher while using Continuum.
  • Apps written for Windows Phone 8.1 should no longer crash when certain dialogues open.
  • Improved battery life when using OneDrive and other similar tasks in the background.
  • Cortana:
    • Cortana live tile should no longer appear blank for certain languages.
    • If the ‘Go’ button is pressed immediately after pressing the mic button in Cortana, a search will be performed now rather than an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the media buttons on a keyboard connected to the phone over Bluetooth would stop working after Bluetooth had been turned off and back on.
  • Settings:
    • An issue that caused the Settings app to appear blank except the search box is fixed.
    • The Settings gear icon should no longer appear pixelated on high-DPI devices.
    • The description foo ‘New Apps’ section in Settings should now refer to mobile rather than desktop.
    • The touch keyboard now should dismiss – as intended – when performing a search in the ‘Apps & Features’ section in Settings.
    • Settings should no longer crash when an Insider taps on the ‘Fix Me’ or ‘Start\Stop Insider Preview Builds’ options in the Windows Insider Program section.
    • Settings should no longer crash on the Sign-in options page if the user taps ‘I forgot my PIN,’ sets it up again, and then taps ‘remove.’
  • The messaging app icon on the lock screen should now appear as intended, instead of a peculiar red X.
  • Videos captured by the Camera app should now appear with appropriate thumbnails in the Photos app.
  • Insiders on certain cellular networks were losing cellular connectivity at unexpectedly. This issue should now be fixed.
  • Certain Bluetooth peripherals were causing Groove Music not to resume music after a Skype call was over. This issue is fixed.
  • The Podcast app should no longer be muted after getting suspended.
  • The Narrator should now be able to read the list of possible tones that could be picked from ringtones when selecting an alarm tone in the Alarms & Clock app.

Bugs Created

  • Speech packs will fail to download in this build.
  • The ninja cat emoji display in two characters on the keyboard instead of the expected one.
  • It’s not possible to add a new card or pay with an existing card via Microsoft Wallet yet.
  • Microsoft Edge might not rotate into landscape mode properly. Microsoft recommends quickly locking and unlocking the phone as a temporary fix.

That’s it, Folks!

That’s all there is to the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build 15025. It’s not a very long list of updates, but the list of known issues with this release is surprisingly small.

Of course, Build 15025 is the primary build for the second Creators Update Bug Bash; more details about that will be available soon.

As always, more details about Build 15025 is available on Microsoft’s official blog.

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