Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring build 14955 for Mobile and PC fixes a lot of bugs

This week’s Insider Fast Ring update isn’t much to look at in terms of features – it is, however, a great treasure of bug fixes; though, there is a new update for the Outlook with a few new features.

Today’s event might show us what is coming for Redstone 2. The Insider builds are hard work – not only for Microsoft but also the Insiders who participate in the program. It might be time to have some bug fixing.

As always, we are going to split the changes into two sections – for PC and Mobile. As said, the features section is going to be quite small for this update.

For the PC

This week’s build brings two new things for the PC – an update to the Outlook Mail UWP app with a few new features, and further refinements to the Narrator – the Narrator have been getting frequent updates in the past few builds.

The Outlook – The UWP app known as ‘Outlook Mail & Calendar’ has received an update; the new additions are @mentions, interactive notifications, and popouts from the 90s. You can read more about these over here.

@mentions in Outlook Mail for Windows 10 with

Narrator has gained Awareness – Not Skynet-level yet, but it’s getting there; the Narrator is now context-aware. As you navigate through various apps, the Narrator can tell what area you are in – such as groups in the Office ribbon interface.

There’re some new controls for this as well, if you want to change the order in which the context is read, here’s what you do:

  • Alt + Caps Lock + / to make Narrator speak the context before the item in focus.
  • Ctrl + Caps Lock + / to make Narrator speak the context after the item in focus.
  • Press Caps Lock + D twice to make the Narrator speak the current focus item’s context at any time.

There’re a few minor improvements to Narrator as well:

  • You can press Caps Lock + / to read the active window’s title for the current application.
  • Improved recognition for edit boxes on the web in Scan Mode, now you will get messages to use space to edit more consistently when focus as moved to an edit text box.
  • Improved continuous reading: it shouldn’t stop when it shouldn’t, and when it does – if you change focus or use a Narrator command – it will be interrupted appropriately.

Touchpad fixes – Precision Touchpads have been receiving various improvements and updates over the past few weeks in the Fast Ring builds. It is time to fix a few bugs. Here’s what’s fixed:

  • An issue causing the precision touchpad to misclassify presses when mousing with one finger and pressing with another is now fixed.
  • The “Reset touchpad” option was showing up for PC’s without a precision touchpad. That doesn’t make sense, so it is now gone.
  • This issue was fixed in the last build as well, but not entirely: devices with support for only 3-finger gestures will no longer display 4-finger gesture graphics in the Settings app.

Protractor improvements – The protractor was introduced with the Stencils update in last week’s Insider Fast Ring build; the major Windows Ink update now demands a few refinements, and that is what it’s getting in this update.

The degree visual for the protractor has been made less-unintuitive. It will now remain visible until you start drawing again, and it’s black text on a white background as opposed to the black text on red background introduced in last week’s build.

Minor Fixes & Improvements

  • A bug introduced in the last build made it impossible for some users to sign into Microsoft apps (including the Feedback Hub). This has been fixed.
  • An odd issue was causing horizontal scrolling to be broken in Paint.NET – a 3rd party application – has been fixed.
  • A new Trusted Platform Module Management control panel (TPM.msc) has been added to provide additional detail when the TPM is “Not ready for use” or “Ready for use, with reduced functionality.”
  • Task Manager was unable to remember its last view-state and was always opening in the default minimal-detail view – an annoying issue has been fixed.
  • An issue causing DiskPart to fail with the error “The system cannot find the file specified” when attempting to partition a USB drive has been fixed.
  • A certain few USB drives were failing to mount automatically or via the Device Manager, despite being mountable using Disk Management. The issue causing this has been fixed.
  • An issue where Accessibility settings were failing to roam down-level to some PCs running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – triggering a sync loop and possibly causing some performance issues on those down-level PCs has been fixed. If you encountered this issue and are already in this state, here’s how you fix it: Open Settings > Ease of Access and change any setting. This will fix the roam down-level. Once it is fixed, you can change the setting back to what it was.
  • USB Audio 2.0 devices are now named based on the make/model of the device, rather than using a generic name, in places across the system, for example, Device Manager.
  • The Settings app was crashing while copying hardware properties from the WiFi settings page. It will no longer crash.
  • After you had pasted a bunch of files to another folder, Explorer wasn’t automatically selecting them. This issue has been fixed.
  • An issue has been fixed that caused the Time and Place fields to be disabled when creating a Reminder in Cortana.
  • The advanced tab of the device properties window in the Sounds control panel now allows you to select the following sample dates as the default format for devices that support it: 24 and 32 bit at 176400Hz, and 16, 24 and 32 bit at 352800 Hz.
  • An issue in Microsoft Edge that prevented dragging content out of the browser to other windows has been fixed.
  • Microsoft Edge should no longer crash while using the Share button to share web pages and PDFs to Mail.

Known Issues

  • This bug has been present in the last two Fast Ring Insider builds and continues to be an annoying one – 3rd party antivirus products such as BitDefender, Kaspersky, F-Secure, and Malwarebytes might make the PC unstable or unusable. The update process will rollback if these are installed. Installing them again after the upgrade might break Windows and force you into reinstalling Windows.
  • A few Insiders have reported crashes while using the protractor in Windows Ink Workspace. Microsoft is looking into the issue at the moment.

For Mobile

Once again, Windows 10 Mobile isn’t getting a lot of new features – but a few minor improvements and bug fixes wouldn’t hurt it. Let’s just go straight to what’s fixed and improved.

Minor Fixes & Improvements

  • A bug introduced in the last build made it impossible for some users to sign into Microsoft apps (including the Feedback Hub); this has been fixed.
  • In the past few builds, users have been reporting that their devices get stuck at the blue Windows logo, unable to go past it. While Microsoft did tell us how to go past it for the last build, the issue has now been fixed properly in this build.
  • A bug resulting in notifications banners not appearing from Outlook Mail accounts that had been pinned as tiles to Start has been fixed.
  • Certain apps were missing the Share dialog; this has been fixed.
  • Users who had set a data limit on their phones were constantly receiving false notifications about exceeding said limit. Microsoft did tell us how to fix this issue for the last build, but this build fixes the underlying issue causing it.
  • An issue where the horizontal progress dots (as displayed when using the indeterminate ProgressBar control, for those who are familiar with XAML) were incorrectly fading out at the right side has been fixed.
  • An issue has been fixed that caused the Time and Place fields to be disabled when creating a Reminder in Cortana.

Known Issues

  • A few Insiders are reporting an error while trying to update to this build – error code 0x80242006. Microsoft is investigating this issue, here’s a forum post with protentional solutions.
  • Excel Mobile might freeze after adding multiple sheets, and eventually crash. This issue was present in the last build as well; it seems Microsoft couldn’t fix it in time for this build.
  • You will be unable to install additional languages, keyboards, and speech packs on your phone for the next few weeks. If you have existing languages, keyboards, and speech packs installed – they will carry over when you update to new builds. You just can’t install any new ones. If you do a hard reset of your phone on these builds – you will also be unable to install additional languages, keyboards, and speech packs. You can use Windows Device Recovery Tool to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile, install any languages, keyboards, and speech packs you need and then update to the latest build in the Fast ring as a workaround.

That’s it, folks

Not much to gaze upon in this update – except the new features in Outlook. As always, Insiders are expected to provide their valuable feedback and help Microsoft in the battle against bugs.

You can read more about this update on Microsoft’s blog if you feel this post didn’t do the update the justice it deserved.

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