Windows 10 Insider Build 15007: Cortana now helps you move between devices

Having more than one PC can quickly turn convenience into a nightmare; sure, you can use your Windows 10 tablet on the porch while sipping some Darjeeling tea on a cold morning, but the moment you decide to move to your desktop – you are going to have a bad time.

Windows 10 is currently capable of syncing settings etc. among the devices you have logged into, but that is as far as the sync goes. Syncing a currently open session is an entirely different beast.

The Session

The session, in this case, defines what you are doing on a PC: have a few tabs open in Edge? That’s a session.

In Build 15007, Cortana can now help you move this session from one Windows 10 PC to another.

Microsoft’s example to describe the feature involves its Edge browser: if you were perhaps browsing recipes on your desktop Windows 10 PC, Cortana could now help you move these recipes to your tablet, so you can quickly “bake up a storm” in the kitchen.

It’s interesting that Microsoft is integrating a feature like this into Cortana rather than Windows 10 itself, but there might be a reason for that.

The Action Centre

The way this feature works isn’t entirely intuitive at the moment – at least it doesn’t sound like it.

In the case of Microsoft’s example above, Cortana would simply put links for the opened tabs in Edge on the desktop, into the Action Centre on the tablet. The user, in the end, has to open said links manually.

It’s a feature that – perhaps – works, but isn’t very smart; a direct contradiction to what Cortana is meant to be.

Creators Update

This feature – among many others – is likely to show up with the upcoming Creators Update.

Build 15007 brings a lot of goodies with it, but it’s still quite a way until April; a lot can change between today and the final build that will release as the Creators Update.

Hopefully, Microsoft will continue refining this feature; Cortana’s involvement means it is bound to get smarter – that’s what assistants are for.

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