Windows 10 Insider Build 15007: a better look at the new Game Mode

What sparked plenty of speculation was the discovery of a gamemode.dll file in Windows 10’s build leak last month. Although details were scarce, the latest Insider Preview is giving us a real look into the upcoming Windows Game Mode.

The leaked build

After the Windows 10 build 14997’s leak on the eve of Christmas, users were uncovering several new but not fully developed features. This is when the Twitter user WalkingCat found a DLL file named “gamemode” among the files of the leaked build.

While the DLL file didn’t actually seem to do anything just yet, The same user who found it later tweeted that the file may be an upcoming feature that will let users allocate more resources towards their games while playing.

The idea revolves around the fact that, when playing games on Windows, many background services may still be hogging resources. Instead, if there was a way to temporarily disable services unnecessary to the game, this could lead to better performance.

The Insider Preview’s Game Mode and more

The Insider Fast Ring Build 15007 that released today, however, has a more fleshed out implementation of the setting for us. The Game Mode now has its own section in the Game DVR panel in Windows 10. Accessible by default using the shortcut Winkey + G if the Game DVR setting is enabled in Windows 10’s Xbox App.

Image Source: MSPowerUser

As predicted, the setting reveals that when enabled, the currently running game gets the highest priority of the machine. Even now, however, the mode looks to be a placeholder, as enabling it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Lastly, the Game DVR panel also has a new setting on it for what looks like broadcasting games through Beam. For anyone unaware, Microsoft acquired the Beam streaming service last year to compete with’s online streaming dominance; sadly, the broadcasting feature is disabled in Build 15007. The Beam service is also going through a massive overhaul, in hopes for better integration with Xbox and the rest of Microsoft ecosystem.

Both these features are looking like good candidates for release with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. Getting some extra performance for gaming is always a plus in our book, and the built-in broadcasting system will hopefully add some much-needed competition into the streaming scene.


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