Windows 10 gets a power slider in the latest Insider Fast Ring build

This week’s Insider build for those on the Fast Ring has introduced an interesting feature. The feature is not available to everyone and is certainly not ready for prime-time, but it’s only an experiment per Microsoft; it does, however, reassure us that Microsoft is indeed listening to the Feedback.

A Slider

The battery fly out on devices with a battery connected to them have always given only the most critical information. It’s a flyout for battery, so it shows the status and an estimate for how long the battery would last – essential information.

This update adds some interactivity to the flyout; there’s now a slider that lets users pick between performance or a longer battery life.

Those who have explored Windows for more than 10 minutes would realize that this feature already exists in Windows – it’s hidden inside the Control Panel; however, these options are not available in the new Settings app on Windows 10, yet.

The slider will now let users switch between four different power settings; on the left, the least amount of battery, on the right, every ounce of performance is squeezed.

There is however one thing to note: the fact that this feature does not work. It’s a slider that does nothing, at the moment.

Microsoft is in talks with various PC manufacturers to determine the best settings for their specific laptops and other battery-powered devices. There are clearly bigger plans for this feature – it’s not the same old slider present in Control Panel.


The feature is expected to roll out with the upcoming Creators Update in April. At the moment, it’s available for the Insiders on Fast Ring to play around with – but there’s a caveat.

The slider will obviously only show up for devices with batteries; Microsoft has further limited the feature to a few select devices, and even then its appearance depends on an Insider’s luck.

The feature is not enabled for everyone – and that’s by design – Microsoft needs feedback for both a slider-less UI and one with the slider.

Whatever the case may be; if you are an Insider, do remember to submit your feedback. That’s the most important part.

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