Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolling out to Surface Hub

August 2nd marks the date when Microsoft released the Anniversary Update for the masses; October 13th is when it hits the few who use a Surface Hub.

Surface Hub

Though the Surface Hub is one of the most cutting-edge products built by Microsoft; the software running on the Surface Hub is a modified version of Windows 10. Therefore, it has taken a bit more than two months to deliver the Anniversary Update for the Surface Hub owners.

Microsoft claims to have shipped 600 Surface Hubs to a number of companies, organizations, and individuals in 24 countries so far. The feedback from these customers have been crucial for building new features into the Surface Hub, here’s a summary of what’s coming:

Office suite now supports Ink

Inking support on the Surface Hub has been extended to Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You just have to get a pen and start drawing on the surface. You can annotate within Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and they also have a new ‘Draw’ toolbar in the ribbon menu.

Simultaneous pen and touch support

You can now use both your hand and a pen at the same time – and multiple people can do this, simultaneously, even between different applications. Sure sounds like an annoyance has been taken care of.

Support for 3rd party accessories and peripherals

The Surface Hub now supports a few 3rd party devices like cameras, microphones, and other enterprise-grade hardware. The Surface Hub and Skype for Business team have tested these five products so far:

  • BiAmp TesiraForte CI
  • Jabra 810
  • Logitech Group
  • Logitech PTZ Pro
  • Polycom CX5100

Support for more devices is in the pipeline, and the teams are testing more peripherals for support in the coming months.

Restore whiteboards via OneDrive

You can already turn whiteboards into an image and share them via email or OneNote; with the Anniversary Update, signed in users will be able to save and restore whiteboards from the OneDrive – allowing teams to resume a meeting where it was left the last time.

And more

There are a whole bunch of new features coming to the Surface Hub, some of them are in the Anniversary Update while others are still coming soon. You can read more about these at Microsoft’s blog.

You can also check out the Surface Hub history page if you want to look at a detailed changelog of all the updates for Surface Hub.

The new update will come through Windows Update and starts rolling out today. The rollout – much like Windows 10 on PC – will be in stages, so the update should be delivered to every Surface Hub customer by early November. Microsoft has also written up a guide for administrators who use WSUS or a proxy server to manage their Windows devices, which you can find here.

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