Why Xbox One is better than PlayStation 4

It’s been some time now since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been released in the market, but the everlasting battle of superiority still exist in the market. If you are on the lookout for a new video game console then you have to choose between one of these as they have some of the best hardware and games. However, all the gamers go through the confusion of which gaming console to choose among Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We will compare both the consoles on various criteria and let’s see who wins.

xbox one

1. Price

Although PlayStation 4 did have an advantage over Xbox in the primary launch period, Xbox soon became more affordable than PlayStation by the removal of the Kinetic which was causing the former to cost more. Also, the Xbox users have to pay a nominal price of $60 for premium services.

2. Hardware

The hardware of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is impossible to be compared directly because of the huge difference in the hardware system as well as the build of the systems. However, you will understand the difference when you are playing 30fps or 60fps, or 720p or 1080p. 

3. Controls

Both the consoles, i.e. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 require good gaming pads to be operated smoothly and comes with them too. The controller on Xbox One is a better version of the previous one and has a better-rounded effect along with individual force feedback buttons.

4. Games

Most of the major games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Destiny, Far Cry 4, and Grand Theft Auto 5 are available on both systems. However, the exclusives of Xbox One like Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Halo Master Chief Collection,  Forza Motorsport 5, Titanfall, steals the show.

5. Online Services

Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will require a subscription and an internet connection to allow you to get a sniff of their online services. But the fact the Microsoft dropped the requirement of Gold subscription for media services makes Xbox One the winner.

6. Camera

The Xbox One Kinetic offers a superior camera and voice control as compared to the PlayStation 4. The voice control of Xbox One is much more flexible and easy to use and the camera allows features like face recognition and various other features which are unavailable with PlayStation.

7. Media Features

Most of the media features on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are same except for the fact that the former allows integration of the television to the gaming console, which helps in the integration of your cable box or satellite box via your gaming console. The OneGuide program is a huge help when it comes to viewing the available programs and the voice control over the live TV just steals the show and makes Xbox One a clear winner giving it an edge over the PlayStation 4 which just runs media services like Hulu and Netflix.

8. Game Capture

When it comes to capturing the game, both the gaming consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are equipped with the capability of capturing games via an inbuilt system. But Xbox One again beats PlayStation 4 with the Kinetic feature it has to offer where you just have to utter the words “Xbox, record that,” and your job will be done where the last 30 seconds of the game will be captured and saved as a video clip for editing later. It also allows you to take snaps of the gaming screen with the Game DVR on the screen side.

So you can pretty well see that Microsoft’s Xbox One pretty much wins the battle (although by a fine margin) and is better than the PlayStation 4. We hope that the comparison has helped you to clarify your doubts as to which one of the consoles to buy and helped you to realize why Xbox One is better than PlayStation 4. Apart from providing an extra special gaming console, Xbox also doubles as an extraordinary media hub which has much to offer to its users and its media is far better.

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