White House to add four ‘Skype seats’ for press briefings starting next week

Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America; he’s been in the office for two days, and he’s already making a few changes at the White House.

The White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer today announced that the White House will add four ‘Skype seats’ to offer more access to journalists from around the United States.


The idea is to diversify the voices questioning the White House during the press briefing; virtual presence would allow for journalists “who may not have the convenience or funding to travel to Washington,” said Spicer.

“I think this can benefit us all by giving a platform to voice that are not necessarily based here in the Beltway,” he continued.

Organizations without a permanent “hard pass” will also be eligible to join the press briefings via these ‘Skype seats’ but Spicer emphasized that any organization is welcome to apply for one if they wish to.


In many parts of the world, Xerox is a synonym for a photocopier. Xerox, of course, is a company that does not condone the use of their trademarked name as a verb, as that puts the trademark at the risk of being declared as a generic word.

The same applies for Skype, in a smaller sense. The Press Secretary could be referring to video conferencing – using any means – not literally Microsoft’s software.

Microsoft hasn’t said a word about this development, and the White House hasn’t released any more details.


If the White House is indeed using Skype – good for Microsoft; it’s a testament to how ubiquitous the software has become.

If the White House isn’t using Skype, it still shows how common the Skype brand has become. Xerox might not like its name used as a verb, but it’s an achievement none the less – same goes for Skype.

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