WhatsApp Voice Calling Now Available for Windows Phone

WhatsApp first rolled out its voice calling feature in March this year, for Android and iOS users and later for Blackberry users in April. Now WhatsApp Voice calling is finally available for Windows 8+ users as well.

The service works like all other popular VoIP services. WhatsApp voice calling needs mobile data plan or Wi-Fi to make calls across all boundaries anywhere around the world. Users can call their friends and family for free, provided they have a working internet protection.

If you want to see the WhatsApp calling feature in Action, watch the video below where Akshay from GadgetDiary shows the new feature on a Lumia Device.

To avail the feature, you need to have version on your phone. This new update also includes the feature of sending audio files using WhatsApp, something all classes of users will appreciate. This feature is only available for the users using Windows Phone 8.1 and above.

WhatsApp calling feature lets you call your friends and Family using WhatsApp without any price. It only uses the Data connectivity present on your device and not the existing cellular voice mintues to make the call.

There are several free VoIP services available to users across all platforms, but since WhatsApp is the biggest messaging platform, with over 800 million users, WhatsApp voice calling was eagerly anticipated. Windows Phone users won’t be very pleased with the quaternary treatment, but as they say, better late than never.

The feature was first rolled out on Android and for the first few weeks, only users who had received a VoIP call from other contacts as an invite could access voice calling. No such limitation is there for Windows Phone users, but still if you don;t get the feature after installing the latest WhatsApp version from the Windows Store, leave a comment below and we will try our best to help you out.

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