WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone now lets you mass-share photos and videos

WhatsApp builds apps for various platforms – from Android to Nokia’s Symbian. The one thing they might do better than others though is actually supporting these apps.

The WhatsApp Beta on Windows Phone has received an update that might be very useful for those who segregate their friends into various groups.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Groups are of course a great feature – they allow you to be part of different communities without mixing them up. Until today, to share a photo or video with all of your groups; you would have to open each group individually and post the photo or video, then move on to the next. This task can be very tedious.

The latest WhatsApp Beta for Windows Phone introduces this tiny little ‘camera’ icon at the bottom. With this, you can simply take a photo or shoot a video, select multiple contacts and groups to send it to – and tap send.

In a single tap, you can now share the photo or video with whomever you see fit – rather than browsing through every group and manually doing it.

The feature is still in the beta build for WhatsApp, but it shouldn’t take long before it hits the stable release and is available to all. Patience is not for everyone though, so you can simply follow this link to the Windows Store and install the WhatsApp Beta – just know that a ‘beta’ means some features might not work properly.

It is great to see some app development happening on the Windows Phone ecosystem. A few days ago WhatsApp also added OneDrive as an option for backing up user data.


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