WhatsApp Beta introduces two-factor authentication for Windows Phone

Only three days ago, a leaked email from the WhatsApp team suggested they were working on adding two-factor authentication; today, it is here in the latest beta for Windows phone devices.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone

This was pretty fast – we noted earlier that the process is probably in its last stages, considering that’s when translation usually happens, but this beta showed up exceptionally fast.

The latest beta bumps the app version to 2.16.280 and adds two-factor authentication; to enable two-factor authentication, just go to Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification and enable it. The process is quite simple.

2FA isn’t the only thing added in this beta, however – there’s one minor feature that might be even more significant to you, depending on your priorities. Storage information.

Local Storage

There is one significant difference between WhatsApp and some of its competitors – WhatsApp has always stored everything on the device its installed on.

While certain WhatsApp competitors save your chat logs on their servers – to sync it among multiple devices – WhatsApp only works on your phone, and stores everything on the phone itself. If you happen to use the web or desktop versions of WhatsApp, you will notice it requires you to keep the phone on – because it’s quite literally just relaying all information from and to your phone.

The benefits of this are open for discussion, but one of the downsides is that since everything is stored on your mobile device – it’s going to run out of storage space at some point.

The new addition of displaying storage information will help Windows Phone users figure out just how much storage WhatsApp is using, and see if they can clean up some of the older images and videos from the chats.

The beta

The highlight is still 2FA for this update. If you are impatient and can handle the tiny bugs and crashes a beta brings, you are free to download the WhatsApp beta from the Windows Store.

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