What is RAW file system Issue and how to recover Data from RAW?

The filesystems used on our computers are made to make the whole file management thing easy. Windows PCs use a file system known as NTFS and before NTFS became a thing, FAT was used and on the other hand, MacOS devices like the iMac and Macbooks use HFS as their file system.

These file systems can be a bit tricky when you want to use them. The RAW state of a hard drive can create problems for the user. RAW cannot be converted into NTFS or FAT so if you are stuck with RAW, your only option is to recover the data and then format your drive to a better file system.

Let us know more about RAW first and then we will move on to know what we can do to recover data from a RAW drive.

What is RAW file system?

RAW file system means that your hard drive on Windows doesn’t have a proper file system and you cannot use that hard drive to save files on it. You must convert it to another file system like NTFS or FAT in order to use the hard drive normally.

How to know if your hard drive has RAW file system?

Following are a few points that will help you identify a RAW hard drive.

  • Every time you try to access the drive, you will be asked to format it.
  • CHKDSK will not function on RAW drives.

  • You will get an error message saying the drive is not accessible.

  • Windows Explorer shows the size of the drive and free space to be 0 bytes.

How to recover data from RAW?

Now that we know enough about RAW to conclude that data cannot be stored on a RAW file system drive, and it makes the hard drive practically useless, we can move on to know how to recover the data on the RAW hard disk.

There are a lot of software that will help you in recovering data from RAW drive that you have. Few of the good ones are listed below.

ReclaiMe File Recovery

This program from ReclaiMe can easily recover your data from RAW drives in a matter of few clicks which is why we will be using this program in this process.

We will use a software known as ReclaiMe File Recovery that is used to recover data from RAW file system. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Make sure your RAW hard drive is connected to your computer. If it is not, connect it.
  2. Now go ahead and download the ReclaiMe File Recovery. After it is downloaded, just install, and run it.
  3. Now after running the program, you will need to select the hard drive with RAW filesystem in the device list of ReclaiMe File Recovery software.
  4. Now that the correct hard drive is connected, just click on the Start button in the program and wait for the program to do its magic and extract your data from the RAW drive.
  5. After everything is done, just go ahead and check the extracted data and you will notice that everything has been extracted.

The ReclaiMe File Recovery is a great and easy to use program to extract your data from RAW drives. Now you just need to format the drive to a better file system like NTFS or FAT in order to use the drive normally again.

Other useful tools which you can use are:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This program from EaseUS will scan your drives to check which files can be rescued from the file system. The program is available for Windows and MacOS both which means you can use it on either one of the platforms. You can download it from here.

GetData Recover My Files

This program from GetData can easily recover your data from various different hard drive failure situations and one of them is RAW file system. You can download it on your Windows PC and use it.

If you have tried any of the above tools, do let us know about your experience by leaving a comment below.

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