Watch Dogs 2 gets a demo for Xbox One and PS4 with a three-hour timer

For anyone on the fence about Watch Dogs 2 can now try it out for three full hours for free. The new Watch Dogs 2 demo gives players access to the entire game, which includes the singleplayer and its built-in co-op and multiplayer segments.

The only caveat being the multiplayer options requiring Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus membership to access; as this is usual for most console games, it’s not surprising to require the premium subscriptions even for a demo.

The demo is only coming for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, however, with no PC version in sight. Although as time trial demos of games in the past have always been bypassed within hours of release on PC, Ubisoft deciding to not have a demo for the platform is understandable as it’s essentially the full game with a timer.

Nevertheless, players wanting to try the game on PC can always make use of Steam’s refund options to do it. Steam’s refund offer stands for up to two hours of playtime if the game is not up to par.

Progress transfer and availability

Players who buy the full game after trying the demo out will have their full progress carry on to it. Ubisoft claims the transfer will be seamless, without needing to download anything extra after purchasing the game from the store.

As a bonus for Xbox One players; while achievements will not be earnable in the Watch Dogs 2 Demo, purchasing the full game will give players all the eligible achievements retroactively without needing to replay the game to earn them.  Although not stated why by Ubisoft, this functionality is missing from the PlayStation 4 version of the demo.

The demo is now available for download on the PlayStation 4, accessible through the PlayStation Store. The Xbox One’s Watch Dogs 2 demo, however, has a bit of a delay and becomes available on January 24th.

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