Warthunder leaves beta after 5 years with Way of the Samurai update

Gaijin – the developer of War Thunder – has finally deemed the now five-year-old game, ready for an official release.

While leaving behind the beta title, War Thunder is putting out a brand new update for everyone; dubbed The Samurai Update, it adds multiple Japanese themed ground vehicles, cockpit interiors and two maps to the game.

Journey so far

Released to open beta back in 2012 as a multiplayer free-to-play title for Windows. War Thunder featured air battles with a host of World War II aircraft; containing multiple difficulty modes for any style of gameplay the players may want.

Ranging from Arcade mode, where aircraft physics and mechanics are greatly simplified for casual play, to Simulator battles, featuring long realistic battles in which most players recommend the use of flight sticks.

Tactical tank combat was a later addition to the game, letting players battle it out in tanks from various countries. Some game modes even allowing both, aircraft and tanks to battles to happen on the same map.

Leaving the beta

The update 1.65 adds the last remaining cockpits that were missing from several planes. This means every single aircraft in the game now has an accurate, fully modeled 3D cockpit for use in the first-person mode.

As for why the update’s name is “Way of the Samurai,” it also comes with thirty vehicles from the Imperial Japanese Army. This brings the total air and ground vehicle count at release to over eight hundred.

Finally, two brand new maps are coming into the rotation for both pilots and tankers. The Asian themed 38th Parallel map with plenty of open space, and the Abandoned Factory map with a whole lot of industrial buildings.

Future plans

For players worried that this release will be the end of development for the game; fear not, as Gaijin promises in their blog that they have plenty of plans for the future of the game.

Starting 2017, the game will get the long teased game mode World War. Although not many details have not been put out yet, the game mode has been in the works for quite a while now.

War Thunder will also be getting a Naval Warfare update sometime next year. Bringing playable naval forces from multiple countries and eras to the game. Having ground, aerial and naval battles together on the same battlefield will be a sight to behold indeed.


As expected, the game’s official launch is not going to change the free-to-play aspect of the game. Returning players are also getting boosters and some other extras for helping with the five-year-long beta test.

War Thunder is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, with each version downloadable through the official website, and Steam. PlayStation’s version of the game is available here, but the new update is yet to release on it – when that happens, remains a mystery.

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