Villager Trading now available on Minecraft PE and Windows 10 versions

Players of the Pocket and Windows 10 Editions of Minecraft can now do some business with Villagers. The new update bumps up the Pocket Edition’s version to 1.0.4, arriving with Villager trading and some other exciting features.

Before going into the other changes in the update, let’s take a closer look at the trading system. All in all, the trading functionality has remained largely the same as the other platforms that it is already available on, except for an emerald icon, that appears above any villager’s head that is currently in a trade with a player.

To initiate the trading, just go up to one of the big nose Villagers and interact with them. This will open up the trading window, displaying which item the Villager is buying or selling at that time.

Keep in mind that every villager will sell different items that are dependant on their profession in the village. The developers implemented trading to the PC and console editions of Minecraft quite some time ago.

The original PC version got the feature in 2012 with the console edition following two years later in 2014. Now even the Pocket Edition players can join in on the Villagers’ strange fixation on Emeralds and do some trading.

Other Changes in the 1.0.4 update

A brand new Skin Pack is also coming in the update, bringing twenty-two new skins to the Pocket Edition. The ‘Strangers Skin Pack’ includes some odd looking skins, such as The End Settlers, Farland Settlers, and others.

The Strangers Skin Pack is available in-game for $2 with some of its skins free to try on before purchasing.

Also, Add-Ons are now usable in modifying Minecraft Pocket Edition’s user interface, music, and sounds, allowing more in-depth resource packs. Additionally, Microsoft has upgraded Add-Ons to a brand new format. The conversion of existing Add-Ons to the new format should go along smoothly, although there may be some harmless warnings that pop up during the procedure.

Other changes include tweaks such as bigger head sizes to Villager children and plenty of bug fixes for the game. The full list of changes in the 1.0.4 update is available on the official website of Minecraft.

The new update containing all these features is now available on the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft.

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