How to use WiFi and Ethernet at the same time windows 10

Ethernet is termed to be the widely installed LAN technology. It is known as a link layer protocol basically present in the TCP/IP stack, which describes the process of how connected devices can format the data with the aim of communication to other network devices located on that network segment.

Ethernet was initially assumed to be a shared medium which had multiple devices in every part of the network. At first, it also connected a daisy chain, but later through the Ethernet hubs, which reflected all the traffic received on a port to other ports.

Wi-Fi or WiFi, on the other hand, is basically a technology that allows the electronic devices to connect to a completely wireless LAN (or WLAN) network, which mainly uses the 2.4 gigahertz or 12 cm UHF and 5 gigahertz which is equivalent to 6 cm SHF ISM radio bands. A WLAN is basically password protected, but may be kept open, which allows any kind of device within its range to access the resources of the WLAN network.

In the initial days, the routers were basically the way people would be able to connect to the internet. When we only had the dial-up modems that were, even more, noisy as compared to most of the alarms and wireless connections were particularly not something that were a basic feature in a computer since the desktop PCs already had a lot of components even to make space for an extra wireless expansion card and thus we had the choice to select which connection, of those, were available, that Windows should connect.

Ethernet connections are now the most common way to connect to the internet when using a desktop, but still keeping the WiFi on is also a good idea to have a reliable connection. This is because one basically doesn’t want to lose the internet connectivity at any point.

If one is in a similar situation, here the step by step process of how one can tell Windows 10 always to connect to the internet using the Ethernet connection when it is actually available and switch on to a WiFi network only when the cable is disconnected automatically.

Works on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. The process is as follows:

  • One has first to go to the Control Panel and then look for Network & Sharing Center.
  • Now click on ‘Change adapter settings’ present on the left.

  • One will notice a screen with all the networks available, both of WiFi as well as Ethernet, listed. One has to just press the Alt key on the keyboard in order to view the top menus available for this window.
  • Then click the-Advanced menu and select ‘Advanced Settings’.

  • Once the Advanced Settings windows is open you can spot different types of connections that will be listed in Connections section. Then one has to select a type, and in this case, one has to select the Ethernet and now you have to use the shown arrows at the right side in the current window in order to re-order the connections so that the Ethernet is at the top.
  • Then one has to click OK.
  • Now your Windows will automatically be able to use Ethernet instead of WiFi if both connections are available to connect to the internet.

  • One can also adjust the order of connection types if one no longer wants to have Ethernet as preferred connection over WiFi. This change will not exactly allow one to go from the Ethernet network to the Wi-Fi network, without disconnecting. But it will actually mean that one won’t have to turn the WiFi switch on or off just to connect using Ethernet especially when the Wi-Fi switch is totally on.

This is how you can easily change a few settings and start using your WiFi and Ethernet at the same time Windows 10. This method will ensure that no matter what you are connected to, you will get a reliable and stable connection while you are working on your Windows 10 PC.

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