How to update Windows 8 Automatically

Well if you want to install updates automatically for windows or in-built utilities like windows defender then you need to do some changes in the windows update settings which we will discuss in this article.

Now let’s discuss on modifying the update settings in windows 8. You just need to go to the settings page for updates in windows 8 and go on with the steps below.

1. First of all you need to go to Change Settings page of windows update

2. Head towards the Control Panel then System and Security and finally to Windows Update Then click on the change settings option on the left hand side
Or You can also type “windows update” on the windows 8 start screen. Then Click on “Settings” on the right hand side of search results. Then click on “Turn Automatic Updating on or off” as shown in the screenshot below

Windows update settings

3. This will open the change settings option for updates in windows 8.
4. Now you will get a drop down menu under “Important updates” that will show how you want to update your windows 8 system

windows update automatically

5. Well you will get some four options on that drop down menu choose the first one and you go. Discussing all the options below:

Install Updates Automatically (Recommended): You need to click on this, which will automatically download and install the updates whenever your computer gets connected to the internet. It will not ask for your confirmation for the same rather it will download and install on its own.

Download Updates but let me choose whether to install them: With this option, it will automatically download the installation package whenever your computer system connects to the internet but it will ask you if you want to install updates or not. After the confirmation it will do the needful.

Check for Updates but let me choose whether to download and Install them: Now with this, it will check for any updates automatically but before downloading, it will ask you for the same, if allowed then only it will download and install the update instantly.

Never Check for Updates (Not Recommended): This will not check the update for your Windows 8 system.Well as the title says, it will never check for any updates and yes it’s not at all recommended too.

As per this tutorial you just need to click on the first option and click Yes for the confirmation. That’s it, you have successfully set the option of automatically updating windows defender on your windows 8 OS. Still facing any issues in setting up update options in Windows 8? Drop a comment below and we will help you out.

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