Upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 title ‘Scalebound’ canceled

Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Xbox exclusive PlatinumGames title – Scalebound, is no longer in development. Before the cancellation, the studio was aiming for a 2017 launch after the game’s delay last year.

Microsoft pulling the plug on a game so far in the development pipeline is not unheard of in the past. The previous one also a Microsoft platform exclusive game – Fable Legends, its cancellation coming after four years of development.


Known for their action-oriented games, the Japanese developer has multiple popular titles under their belt from various publishers. Notably, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance from Konami and the Bayonetta series from Nintendo and Sega to name a few.

However, since the release of Bayonetta 2 in 2014, the studio has been going through a rough period. Comparing their previous titles to newer ones, the general decline in quality is apparent when seeing reviews and sales numbers.

Along with the cancellation of Scalebound, the studio’s 2017 lineup looks scarce with only one game coming up; that being the action RPG title Nier: Automata coming to Windows and PlayStation 4 with Square Enix as the publisher.

Scalebound Cancellation

Before Microsoft’s announcement of the game at E3 2014; PlatinumGames came up with the concept of Scalebound back in 2006, eventually starting development in 2013 after finishing their other projects, with Microsoft joining in as the game’s publisher.

While Microsoft announced Scalebound as an Xbox One exclusive title early on, the Windows 10 version’s announcement came in 2016; joining the Xbox Play Anywhere program, giving users access to both platforms when purchasing the game on one of them.

Scalebound was a third-person action RPG game taking place in a fantasy world where gigantic monster-like creatures live alongside humans. Along with regular combat, the draw of Scalebound was the dragon that players could command and take control in battles. Apart from knowing we will be playing as Drew and his Dragon Thuban, the storyline did not get much elaboration. PlatinumGames were probably opting to reveal the story nearing the release date; alas, that’s not happening anymore.


While Microsoft has not put out an official reason for the sudden cancellation of Scalebound yet, all in all, losing a high-profile platform exclusive game may impact Microsoft quite hard considering the PlayStation 4’s exclusive lineup of games for 2017.

We may have to keep hoping the development of other Microsoft exclusive games such as Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 is going a lot smoother than what Scalebound was going through.

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