UK’s NatWest Bank launched an all-new Windows 10 Mobile app with Continuum support

NatWest Bank – a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland – has released a fully-featured Windows 10 Mobile app with support for Continuum. The app isn’t just a port either – it was built specifically for Windows 10 Mobile, but it still comes with all of the features that its Android and iOS counterparts do.

NatWest for Windows 10 Mobile

While Amazon is busy disappointing its customers, it is refreshing to see a bank support the Windows 10 Mobile platform – perhaps because Windows Phone was UK’s fastest growing mobile operating system in December of last year, and that momentum has given Windows 10 Mobile a higher-than-average market share in the UK.

Banks still believe in Microsoft

Banks are also supporting Microsoft’s efforts in the U.S. – Chase Bank recently confirmed that it would be adding support for Microsoft Wallet next year. Microsoft Wallet is already supported by major American banks such as Bank of America, PNC Bank, People’s United Bank, and US Bank.

It is odd to see this support – considering Microsoft’s own OEMs are losing trust in the Windows Mobile platform – but It sure is good for Microsoft; perhaps it stems from the banks relying on Microsoft products for enterprise solutions.


Whatever the reason be – we have a UWP app, that for now only works on Windows 10 Mobile; it does support Continuum. Therefore it can scale itself for the desktop – we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Windows 10 app if NatWest thinks it needs that.

Though, for now, the app is available for Windows 10 Mobile from the Windows Store – there’s, in fact, two apps, one for those within the UK and one for offshore customers. Here’s the link to both:
NatWest for the UK
NatWest for Offshore

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