Ubisoft’s Winter sports game ‘Steep’ is going free to play for a weekend

Who would want to spend thousands of dollars to try out some extreme sports in the mountains when video games let us do that – without any of its hazards like breaking our necks – for a much lower cost. To emphasize this point, Ubisoft’s snowy extreme sports game, Steep, is going as cheap as it can go this weekend.

Starting this Friday, Steep will allow players of all platforms to try the game throughout the weekend free of charge. During the free period, all players will have access to everything that Steep has on offer.

The activities that players can participate in revolve around four sports, namely Snowboarding, Skiing, Wingsuit Racing, and Paragliding.

What makes Steep special, perhaps, is its social side of things. The game doesn’t have a singleplayer mode, relying on its heavily integrated multiplayer to keep players engaged.

Even when playing without a group, players will encounter other players from around the world racing on the same tracks. In fact, it’s highly enjoyable seeing dozens of players wipe out on particularly challenging parts of the open world terrain.

Furthermore, thanks to the free Alaska update that hit Steep last month, there’s, even more, content to take part in, including the brand new Mount Denali area, new challenges, as well as, a new trick system and other gameplay changes.

Ubisoft is also giving a rather steep 50% discount to the game for all platforms during the weekend. As always, players that purchase the game can continue from where they left off in the free weekend.


Starting on March 10th at 10 AM PST, the event is running until 1 PM PST on the 12th. Taking place on all the platforms that Steep is available on – Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Note that console players will require Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus memberships on their respective platforms to access the event and lastly, Ubisoft is kind enough to include preload functionality for Steep’s free weekend from the 4th of March on Uplay, an excellent opportunity to have the game ready for players with slower internet connections.

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