Ubisoft’s The Division gets DX12 support on Windows 10 and a free weekend starting today

Tom Clancy’s The Division, the open world 3rd person shooter developed by Massive Entertainment studio just became Ubisoft’s first DirectX 12 supported title. The PC exclusive game update comes with a host of bug fixes and stability improvements along with DirectX 12 support for Windows 10 users with compatible graphics cards.

DirectX 12

DX12 was first seen in the game last month when patch 1.5 was being tested – which added the new Survival game mode for season pass holders and a large score of balance changes to the PVE side of things. Even with reports showing FPS increases, the studio ultimately decided to delay the DX12 functionality up until now.

To enable the new API, users must first download the latest 2.7 GB patch via the service they own the game through, go to the video section of the options menu and enable DirectX 12 renderer. After which it is advised to run the provided benchmarking tool to test the performance as this being the first implementation, there may be some bugs or crashes.

Watch Dogs 2 is also on track to receive an update that will contain support for Microsoft’s new API as it seems Ubisoft is planning to roll out DirectX 12 support to their games as post release updates.

Other changes

The update also fixes some annoyances that has been plaguing players such as Xbox controllers not being recognized, full screen mode not functioning and characters not responding to commands at random times.

Improvements were also made to the audio positioning system to allow more precision and lastly, optimizations to reduce CPU usage that will surely be a welcome change to most players.

Free Weekend

With the 1.5 patch dropping last month and the new DirectX 12 support, Ubisoft will be having a free weekend where PC users can try out The Division’s base content through Uplay from December 15th to 18th.

Both standard and gold editions of the game are also discounted by 50% while the free event is ongoing and any progress players have made during the free event will be transferable to the paid game if you choose to purchase it and keep playing.

You can read the official patch notes here and information about the free weekend here.

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