Ubisoft fully unveils Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell

During Rainbow Six Siege’s Invitational Esports event, Ubisoft – as promised – came out with a bunch of information regarding Velvet Shell. The Operation is bringing two new operators and a new map to Ubisoft’s tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft’s Invitational event had quite the opposite results for the Xbox One and PC finals. On the Xbox side, Team Elevate shutout Team Vitality completely, winning all ten rounds and ending in a 2-0 victory; meanwhile, on PC, teams Era Eternity and Continuum went on to a nail biting 3rd¬†match after a 1-1 tie, with Continuum finally snatching a hard-won victory in overtime.

New Map

The new map coming to Siege with Operation Velvet Shell is Coastline, a high-class beach resort in Ibiza, Spain. Most of the action will take place inside the two-story building of the map, featuring a variety of rooms that the developers have decorated with colored lights and other fancy furniture pieces, markedly for players to call out enemy locations easily.

New Attacker Jackal

Next up are the two new Operators, starting off with – Jackal – the new Attacker that has medium speed and armor; coming with three primary weapons to choose from: an Assault rifle, an SMG or a shotgun, fit for any situation. As is the case with every Siege operator, Jackal comes equipped with a unique gadget; his “eyenoculars,” that lets him see enemy footprints.

This grounded-in-realism visor of Jackal can even tell if the tracks he’s detecting are fresh or not by color coding them. Additionally, by scanning a footprint, he can reveal the current position of that operative to the whole team. However, keep in mind that the Brazilian Operator Caveira’s Silent Step ability makes her not leave any footprints, making her a perfect counter-pick to Jackal, who will definitely be enormously popular at release.

New Defender Mira

On the other hand, the second new Operator is Mira, a Defender with high armor and slow speed. She comes with the ever-popular Vector .45 ACP SMG or a shotgun as her primary weapons. Mira’s unique gadget is a bulletproof one-way mirror that she can mount on walls – normal or reinforced; thus giving her entire team a chance to safely scout through a wall without risking a peek outside.

Furthermore, the defenders can easily eject the one-way bulletproof glass out of the way by shooting at a gas canister on the inside, turning the window into a hole; in effect, allowing a quick and efficient way to down some unsuspecting enemies. As a downside, the attackers or even Twitch’s drones can shoot this canister if they get a chance to do so, giving them an easy window to challenge the defending team instead.

Operation Velvet Shell is coming as a free update to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege tomorrow, the 7th of February.

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