Ubisoft details the new Watch Dogs 2 DLC – Human Conditions

The new DLC arriving for Watch Dogs 2 is adding plenty of new storylines for players to go through. This is the second piece of DLC hitting the game’s Season Pass, adding more than 5 hours of content.

The sequel to Ubisoft’s 2014’s open world action game – Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 released to much better critical reception than the original did; the many gameplay, plot, and vehicle improvements that the developers – Ubisoft Montreal – had implemented for the game being main components for the better response.

Human Conditions

The DLC is adding three brand new storyline operations to the game that span over multiple missions. Marcus is back in the player’s hands to go through and finish the additional content in any method they choose.

Players will also receive some elite co-op missions which do not require the second player to own the DLC whatsoever. Furthermore, a new enemy type is also arriving with the DLC: the Jammer. This new enemy can disable all hacking abilities of Marcus if he’s anywhere close to the jamming range.

The new story-arcs will have Marcus exploring brand new areas of San Francisco and have players take on the DLC missions – Bad Medicine, Automata and Caustic Progress.

Bad Medicine has Marcus and his DedSec crew taking on the Russian Bratva organization, who’s hacked hospital systems with ransomware. To help with the situation, a very familiar face from the original Watch Dogs is returning in this storyline.

Specifically, the smooth talking sociopath mercenary – Jordi Chin, an uneasy ally of the Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce.

The second mission – Automata – revolves around a self-driving car system by the Nudle company, the game universe’s version of Google. However, these cars assign Life Scores, where the car values its occupants and pedestrians to make decisions involving fatal crashes.

For example, depending on the Life Score calculation, it might choose to kill its own passengers by crashing into a wall to save a higher scoring pedestrian on the road.

Sadly, the Ubisoft is tight-lipped about the third and last mission of the DLC, making us wait for its release.


The DLC is arriving on February 21st for PlayStation 4 and March 23rd on the Xbox One and PC platforms. Available for purchase separately or as part of the game’s $40 season pass on each platform’s respective stores.

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