Ubisoft details For Honor’s post-release and season pass content

With For Honor homing in on its release date, Ubisoft has revealed what’s in store for the game’s future. The fighting game is receiving a whole host of free content along with a Season Pass to ease the grind.

As For Honor is looking to follow in the same footsteps as Ubisoft’s tactical shooter – Rainbow Six Siege – in its DLC plan, players who are coming from Siege will be very familiar with the concept.

To give a refresher, Rainbow Six Siege offers all of its post-release maps as free updates to the players; but adding to that, players may also unlock the Operators that release as DLC through the credits earnable in-game. Siege’s success later in the year due to these practices may as well have struck a cord with Ubisoft; evident by the return of the same DLC plan for their latest game.

For Honor Season pass and other content

The Season Pass of For Honor is primarily there for getting easier access to the game’s upcoming new heroes. Ubisoft has detailed plans of putting out two new heroes every three months, for a final total of six heroes.

Players that own the Season Pass will get these heroes without needing to spend their hard earned in-game credits (Steel). Also, they will receive the new heroes seven days before everyone else gets to have a stab at them.

Additional benefits include six Elite Outfits for customizing the new heroes, a 30 day Champion Status booster for gaining additional XP that also extends to the user’s team, three exclusive emblem outlines, three Scavenger Crates for extra gear, plus a sunbeam effect for their emotes.

Lastly, for the players without a season pass, all the upcoming maps, modes, and gear will come as free updates. They may also unlock the upcoming heroes using Steel, available after the 7-day exclusivity period to the Season Pass holders.

For Honor is releasing on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms on February 14th, 2017. The Standard Edition is available for $60 along with a $100 Gold Edition that contains both For Honor and its Season Pass.

Keep in mind, however, that For Honor’s open beta is starting on the 9th of February for all three platforms. A great opportunity for players who’ve yet to take a swing at it and see if they¬†make the cut.

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