Turn New Mail Notification Banner and Sound in Windows 10 On/Off

The new mail app for Windows 10 has a lot of features for which if you know how to go about them you will be able to get across a lot of things and get yourself sorted. In our busy schedules, we hardly have time to check our mails every day but what if some new and important mail arrives and we are not aware?

The new mail notification will let you know immediately as a mail enters your mailbox in Windows 10. Now as a Windows 10 user you might not be aware of how to turn on a new mail notification banner and sound. There are a few basic steps that will help you in the process.

Turn on New Mail Notification Banner & Sound in Windows 10

  • Firstly turn on your Windows 10 devices and on it click on the Windows key along with ‘I.’ This will open the setting panel on your device.
  • On the settings menu, many icons will be seen. Here just click on systems menu.
  • Here again, a number of options will appear. There you will have to select the ‘Notifications and Actions’ option.

  • In this area, you will have to ensure that the ‘Get notifications from apps and other senders’ option is turned on. In case it isn’t turned on just turn it On.
  • Now just go back to the main menu and click on the Mail app.
  • When the mail app opens, just click on the setting icon and select the options menu.

  • Then you need to scroll down and select the ‘notifications’ option present on that menu again.
  • Here again, you will get an option that will say ‘Show in action center’
  • Click on the option and then search for the option that says ‘show a notification banner.’ Just activate it.

  • Along with it, you will come across another option that will say ‘play a sound.’ If you wish to turn on the sound notification you are might as well free to do that.
  • Or if you do not want the sound notification and is just satisfied with the new mail notification banner then leave it unchecked.
  • And finally just click on the mail icon on the extreme left of your screen.
  • All this checked and done you are good to go.

These few simple steps if followed in order will guide you through your mail notifications. Now when you have followed the steps in order and made sure that all the options for notification banner as well as mail sound is taken care of, then you are sorted.

Now no matter how busy you might be, you will be able to stay connected with you mails, and whenever a new mail arrives in your mailbox, you will be notified instantly by means of the notification banner which will indicate that you have an unread mail and the sound will add to the notification.

This is a very good feature that can be utilized well in case of Windows 10 device, and the users need not worry about overlooking any mail.  For setting up of the notifications all you need to do is follow the mentioned steps thoroughly and make sure that the relevant options are activated.

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