Truecaller gets an update on Windows 10 Mobile, featuring new Caller ID experience

Most people who want to have accurate Caller ID information end up installing Truecaller. While it comes with its own privacy concerns, it does give you (mostly) accurate Caller ID details for every number that calls you.


On the Windows 10 Mobile, the experience just got better with the new update for Truecaller released today. There are a number of new features that have been added – one of which is offline support for Caller ID.

By logic, because Truecaller fetches the Caller ID details over the internet, it shouldn’t work if data connectivity is not available – and this is true, it does not. However, with the new update, if the number calling you has been identified previously while online – it will now be identified offline as well.

Truecaller has also introduced some features that were already present on other platforms but have now come to Windows 10 Mobile. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Now users can see how other users have described a caller by tags.
  • You can now accept or deny the Contact request notifications without opening the app.
  • Users can suggest a better name for identified calls.
  • Prefix and suffix: This feature allows you to improve Caller ID by removing any extra numbers your operator or company might add to an incoming call number.
  • No Need to login into social networks in the app, you can open social profiles in device browser
  • You can now sync Notifications with PC

Universal notifications – one of the new features – is something new to Windows 10. The feature basically syncs all of the notifications from your phone to your PC.

The more popular platforms such as Android and iOS are obviously the first to get features and support. But it is good to see Truecaller add Windows-specific features to its app while maintaining parity with the rest of the platforms.

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