Top 5 Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

If you’re looking for the best weather apps for Windows 10 PC or laptop, then we will highly recommend you to read the complete article.

Weather is unpredictable, but if you have a right application running on your system, then you can easily get right and accurate weather forecast of your area. With the weather forecast app, you can even check the weather conditions of any area where you’re planning to visit in the next few hours or upcoming days.

You can get the weather forecast for the area right from your Windows 10 computer, just by installing a single weather app. No doubt, there are very few number of weather application available for Windows 10 desktop on Windows Store. But still, we manage to find some of the best and useful apps for checking the weather forecast on Windows 10.

So if you’re really looking for best weather app for your Windows 10 desktop or laptop, check out the following apps:

1. MSN Weather

MSN Weather is one of the best weather application for Windows 10 platform. Its local weather feature helps you to provide hourly weather forecasts for next 10 days. In case you want to receive the timely update to prepare yourself for the difficult weather you can turn on the Severe Weather Alerts feature.

msn weather for windows 10

With its maps feature, you can get in-depth details of other climatic factors which include temperature, radar maps, precipitation, and satellite maps. Even its interactive maps let you pan & zoom to check different temperature maps.

The good thing about this Weather application is that you do not need to install the app, as it comes preinstalled in Windows 10 operating system.

2. The Weather Channel

If you’re wondering to travel somewhere, you can make a confident decision with the help of Weather Channel app. With the help of this application you can get hourly and 15 days weather forecast in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It not only give you information about temperature but delivers accurate information about other climatic factors like humidity, sunrise, sunset, dew point, moon face and much more. Its quick loading radar maps show you future and past radars in no time.

the weather channel app for windows 10

You can also get difficult weather conditions alerts which include lightning alerts, snow and rain alerts, and pollen alerts. You can even access all this information by creating a free account. Some other things which you will get from this app are weather news, weather videos, see the temperature in Windows 10 live tiles, airport weather, health information and much more.

One of the useful features of this app is that you can take help of Cortana for using this application. Activate Cortana by saying Hey Cortana and ask your query like “Show me, when will it rain”.

3. My Radar

My Radar is another easy to use and best weather app for Windows 10. It shows you animated weather radar maps nearby your current location that helps you to recognize what type of weather is coming your way. Just launch the application and find out if it is rain, thunderstorm, or lightning approaching towards your location.

my radar app for windows 10

Some additional feature which you will get while using this app is weather alerts or warnings and get push notification for severe temperature just with a tap.

Except for the basic weather information, you will get quick information of weather around the world. In case, your area is the hub of tornadoes and thunderstorms; then this application is really useful.

4. AccuWeather

Stay connected with AccuWeather to get all the latest and accurate weather forecast updates. This weather application is completely designed for Windows 10 desktop. With its Minute Cast feature, you can get a minute to minute precipitation predictions for your current street address.

accuweather app for windows 10

Just like all other weather apps discussed above, you can get severe weather forecast notification for all areas. The weather forecast is updated every 15 minutes with data for the upcoming 15 days and all this in more than 33 languages.

With its Local Forecast Summary feature, you can get a detailed summary of what type of weather will hit your area in 3-5 days. With this application, you also get infinite location storage for your current locations.

5. NOAA Hi-Def Radar

NOAA Hi-Def Radar app is a simple and powerful weather application. It displays real-time high definition animated radar photos from NOAA Satellites in glowing colors on a responsive map. Users can also check the snowfall and weather forecast on the same radar map. It helps in tracking the upcoming storms and hurricanes right from the same radar map.

noaa hidef radar weather app for windows 10

In case, you want to bookmark different location to check the weather forecast for different locations; then you can also do that in just seconds.

It is a fast loading weather app that let you select between Cloud Coverage layer or Radar layer for rain. This application also has some other useful features which we’re not going to tell you. Just use the app to try those feature.

So these are some of the best weather apps for Windows 10. We have no doubt in our mind that these are the best weather apps available on the Windows Store. In case, we forget to mention any good Windows 10 weather app, let us know in the comment section below.

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