Top 5 best VPNs for Windows 10

Keeping your data private with the use of VPN is becoming more and more popular these days as government agencies are likely to keep a track of the data you are transferring and because channels are becoming restricted in various parts of the world. It is high time that we become aware of the various VPN service providers available and privatize the use of data.

VPN services can also be used to access sites or applications blocked in any particular country. A VPN or a virtual private network allow users to hide their real IP address and encrypt the data. While using a VPN even if any hacker can get access to your data it will be encrypted. Here is the list of Top 5 best VPNs for Windows 10:

1. IPVanish

With servers in over 60 different countries around the world, IPVanish is probably one of the best and biggest VPN providers that are available in the current days. IPVanish holds over 15 years of experience in the industry of network and has amazing speed as it runs on some of the best Tier 1 networks that are available in the market. It has some of the best security system that is always up to date and devoid of any logs. Bitcoins are well accepted and shares IPs.

Although IPVanish is not as feature packed as others, it offers a low-cost service that has all the essential requirements that are required for a normal user.


2. VyprVPN

If you are looking for a VPN service that will prevent any snooping around in your log, then VyprVPN is probably not your best choice for VPN. VyprVPN does keep some logs; however, it is one of the best low-cost VPN services which have some pretty good security services. 

It also features Chameleon, which single-handedly scrambles OpenVPN metadata that will prevent any deep packet inspections. Supporting up to as many as 3 systems at the same time, VyprVPN is one of those VPNs, which can boast the owning of its very own data centers and networks. This allows them to provide customers with excellent speed and services. You can use unlimited data and storage of up to 25 GB for just 8.33 per month.

3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access lives up to its name and provides the customers with complete privacy and keeps no logs along with using shared IPs and accepting payments from Bitcoin. However, it is based in USA, and hence NSA could be a problem if implemented. 256-bit AES OpenVPN, SHA-256 hash authentication, DNS leak protection, port forwarding IPv6 leak protection, internet kill switch and 4096-bit RSA handshake encryption are some of the amazing features offered by Private Internet Access.

It also offers the client with an excellent Android app. However, Private Internet Access or PIA could be a bit of a hassle for people who are not well acquainted with the technology. It is still one of the best VPN for windows 10. 

4. BolehVPN

If you are from an Asian country, then BolehVPN will be an excellent VPN choice for you. Its servers are located in Hong Kong, and the VPN service is owned by a Malaysian based company. BolehVPN offers its customers with servers that are “Cloak Routed”, which means that you can access the internet freely even in areas where it is highly censored in nature.

BolehVPN also allows P2P downloading features along with excellent server speed, so it is an excellent option for people who are looking for a good VPN in countries that have restricted services when it comes to the internet. It also offers its customers with two simultaneous connections to be used which ensure a super speed.


5. ExpressVPN

Last but not the least, ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN service providers that is present due to the awesome service provided by it to the customers along with the excellent customer service that it extends to its users. The software used by ExpressVPN is not very complicated, which helps in easy using of the same.

One of the best features of ExpressVPN is the fact that its technicians are available for your service all round the clock via its chat option. Although devoid of advanced features, it does provide the users with ease of protected VPN usage. In case, you do not like the services offered by ExpressVPN you can also get your money back within 30 days.


These are some of the best Windows 10 VPN services that you can use for a cutting edge service and ease of accessing the internet. Which one do you use? 

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