Top 5 Best RSS Reader Apps for Windows 10

If you’re reading this article that means you’re looking for some of the best RSS Reader Apps for Windows 10, right? The good thing is you’re at right place reading the perfect content.

Due to a busy schedule, there are lots of users who don’t get enough time to visit their favorite websites and know what’s happening across the globe.

In case you spend lots of your time working on the laptops and computers, then in this situation, RSS Reader desktop app can be really helpful to you. Here desktop app means the apps which you can download from Windows Store.

Also, if you’re running Windows 10 on your computer or laptop, then you can also use these desktop apps to keep yourself updated with the latest news.

By keeping this thing in mind, we decided to test some of the best RSS Reader Apps for Windows 10 PC and shortlisted some of the best ones and including it this article. So without further delay, why don’t you start reading the first one:

1. Newsflow

Newsflow brings all the latest news from your favorite sites in just one place; you do not have to waste your valuable time checking multiple websites. The application will keep you updated with all the latest news and trending articles all over the world. It downloads all the news and articles directly from the RSS feeds and keeps them locally so that you can read them whenever you have free time.


The application has very informative and user-friendly interface. Its extended readability feature lets you read the article or news without launching the browser. You can find latest news and article on your favorite websites just with the help of keywords. Simply type the keyword and application start collecting news and article for you.

Some other useful feature this Newsflow provides you are:

  • Share news with your colleagues and friends
  • Receive notification whenever there is a latest news or article
  • Featuring different sections like latest news, favorites, and read later
  • Play animated GIFs and watch HTML & YouTube videos inside the app

2. Nextgen Reader

It is one of the best, clean and powerful RSS news reader app available for Windows platform. It is also a well known Feedly client that uses the Feedly API. You just need to purchase this application once in a lifetime and run it on multiple devices.

nextgen reader

The application provides you option to select between light or dark theme with various color accents. It has amazing grid view and standard three-pane layout. Also, if you’re using three pane view, then you also get access to full keyboard support. In the app, you will also see the option to manage default open method like a webpage, full article, and summary board.

Nextgen Reader is a paid application which cost around $1.99, but you can try this application for free as a trial. The good thing is trail version of Nextgen Reader is also ad free.

3. Readiy

Readiy is another RSS reader and Feedly client available for Windows 10. It is very simple, fast, beautiful and intuitive. The application provides you lots of features which an ideal RSS Reader apps must have, and this is also the reason why thousands of users love this application.


It has a very beautiful image rich design featuring various reading modes which include Readability, Instapaper, and inline browser. You can pin multiple live tiles accompanied with large tiles. It’s sorting, and filtering feature helps you in organizing the news and article. Use the full keyboard just by pressing “?” shortcut key. You can also enjoy vertical scrolling feature in the Portrait mode.

It offers you various themes which include dark, light, gray, and sepia. The application sharing feature lets you save the news and article to Instapaper and Pocket, as well as share full news or article to OneNote and Evernote.

One of the best thing we liked about Readiy is that sync feeds from Feedly very quickly. It is undoubtedly one of the best RSS reader apps for Windows 10.

4. newsXpresso Pro

newsXpresso Pro is another intelligent and user-friendly RSS reader app that let you follow your favorite blogs, news, magazines, and videos in various languages. In the app, you can take advantage of the extensive content catalog to create and organize the completely personalized news or article reading experience.

newsxpresso pro

In the application magazine layout, you can read excellently presented news and articles as well as watch YouTube videos on the full screen. Due to its 3D page flipping effect, you will get the feeling that you’re actually flipping the page of a real book.

It also provides the option to select font size and style which fit your reading requirements. In case, you want to search and add more channels; you can simply do that by entering the URL of the site, or keywords. It shows you search results in different categories like RSS, News, Picasa, YouTube, and Facebook Pages.

You can also follow your Facebook friends, groups, news feeds as well as likes.

5. Fedora Reader

Fedora Reader is a speedy, best, and minimalist RSS feed reader app with basic functionality. It provides users option using which users can add their own favorite sites feeds just by entering the URL.

The application also keeps running in the background so that the application stay update and deliver you feeds from all your favorite websites. Since the RSS feeds only have truncated news and article so the application extract all the content from the RSS feeds and show you in neat and clean, easy to read format.

fedora reader

While checking the feeds, if you find the news or article useful, you can mark it as favorite so that you don’t have to check the complete lists of feeds.

That’s it! Now it is your turn to let us know about your favorite RSS Reader app for Windows 10 which you use from the above list. In case you use any other RSS  reader app, feel free to share the name in the comments below.

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