Top 5 Best Ransomware Removal Tools – Protect your Windows 10 PC

The WannaCry ransomware has created quite a menace that even a hospital’s network stopped working. When infected with ransomware, most people think they should pay the ransom to get their files decrypted. On the contrary to the popular belief, there is no guarantee that they will revoke the access after paying them.

So, don’t you dare pay the sneakers any money unless you have so much of it that you want to lose some amount! The best method is relying on some tools to knock the ransomware out of the park. In this article, we will discuss best tools which you can use to protect your computer from Ransomware and remove it.

These tools work on Windows PC and since most users have shifted to Windows 10, these tools are compatible with Windows 10.

5 Best Ransomware Removal Tools

Here in this article, you will find out five of the top tools to remove ransomware from your system.

·         Hitman Pro.alert

Hitman Pro.alert is the perfect combination of antimalware and ransomware removal tool that always analyze your system to find the threats real-time. The database of the anti-ransomware tool gets regularly updated to keep you away from the new threats too.

The tool uses cloud scanning and behavioral technology to catch even subtle malicious nature in a file or an application. The developers have included the protection from both known and unknown ransomware threats.

Once you install this anti-ransomware on your device, you will never feel like satisfying your protection on the web as it provides you with the complete safety via Espionage protection, CryptoGuard, and some other technologies too.

Download Hitman Pro.alert

·         Ransomware Protector

The best way to keep the ransomware attack at bay is storing your data as a backup at a safe place. Provided the high-end technologies hackers use, no one can predict what happens with the next round of ransomware attack.

Ransomware Protector is a strong backup tool for you to store all your data at a safe place. They keep your data in an encrypted form so as to avoid sneakers from getting access to those. You can share or restore your files any time you want.

The cross-platform support of the application helps you backup data from all your devices like a cakewalk. You can download the tool using the link given below and the setup follows the same procedure of a usual installation.

Download Ransomware Protector

·         EMET

Not many people consider this anti-ransomware tool developed by Microsoft itself. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit aka EMET is meant for Windows users to avoid the third-party malicious files and applications. The tool uses about a dozen different techniques to catch the vulnerability.

You can download the setup for free from the official Microsoft website (link given below). The application doesn’t support Windows XP. And, you should know that old version is critically prone to ransomware attack and you should cease using it forever.

A few of the techniques EMET uses are given below.

  • Data execution prevention
  • SSL/TLS certificate trust
  • Export address table filtering
  • Structured exception handle overwrite protection
  • Mandatory address space layout randomization

Download EMET

·         Malwarebytes

During the latest ransomware attack, Malwarebytes was found to provide the best safety among other antivirus tools. The application focuses on protecting your devices, by all means, be it from ransomware, malware, or adware.

The Malwarebytes team is aggressively working to roll out new updates regularly so that the tool can’t be susceptible to any threats. Some attackers don’t care to develop new tools but inject some scripts on our already available software. Malwarebytes protects all your applications by wrapping them into four layers of defense.

They have both free and premium subscription plans for the tool. Obviously, the premium version offers the maximum security and features.

Download Malwarebytes

·         Cybereason RansomFree

As the name indicates, you can download RansomFree anti-ransomware for free of costs. You don’t have to go through a series of steps to configure the tool to work on your computer.

Just download the setup from the link given below, install it, and you are good to go. Cybereason has officially acknowledged that their tool completely protects you even from the latest ransomware that shook the cyber world, WannaCry.

Download RansomFree

Wrapping Up

You have got five best ransomware removal tools to protect your important files on your computer. But you shouldn’t install all of them and start using them simultaneously as it would do more harm than any good.

Just go to the downloading page of each tool and try to have an idea of what they have to offer. Once you compare the features of them with the requirements you have, there will be no difficulty to land on the one that suits you the best. So, which Ransomware Tool you use for your PC?

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