Top 5 Best Hidden Features of Windows 10

Windows is the most popular computer operating system all around the world, having been installed on millions of devices. The latest version of the OS, Windows 10 went on to be the widely used among others as Microsoft took too much care in bringing it live for the users.

Every Windows OS comes up with various hidden features, which you can’t explore without knowing the exact steps. Windows 10 is no way different to the convention and I have listed out a few of the hidden features here.

Top Hidden Features of Windows 10

During my research to craft this post, I have found out most of the hidden features are known to the common computer user (be it the jump menu on start button or the skip to the desktop button on the bottom-right). So, what you get here are the least known Windows 10 features, which you should manually enable.

·         Background Scrolling

When you have multiple windows opened and you want to scroll through one of them, it is necessary for you to click on the required one to make it active. You won’t have the desired effect as long as you make a window active.

Windows 10 came up with an excellent feature that doesn’t need you to make a window active to scroll through it. All you have to do is placing the pointer above the window, you want to scroll through and take action.

By default, you don’t get this facility and it needs to be activated by yourself. For that, you have to follow Settings>> Devices>> Mouse& Touchpad. You can turn “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” on and the scrolling won’t be an issue anymore.

·         God Mode

Do you know there is a God Mode available on Windows 10 that gives you access to a ton of handy settings? Microsoft didn’t add a specific option for us to turn it on. On the contrary, we need to activate it by creating a folder with a special name.

Go to your desktop and follow Right-click>> New folder. If you are a shortcut addict, you can simultaneously press Ctrl+ Shift+ N as well. Copy the following text and place it as the name of the new folder you create on the desktop.


There you have it! Opening the folder presents about 260 administrative commands at your fingertips. I recommend you shouldn’t open the settings, which you haven’t even heard of.

·         Copy-Paste on Command Prompt

Is command prompt a mandatory Windows tool? No, it isn’t! Still, many people use it to carry out different tasks by entering specific commands. If you love using CMD, you know it doesn’t support copy-paste.

When you want to use a lengthy command (you see on the web), the only available way was to manually enter the text and that obviously made the life tedious. But command prompt on Windows is much more user-friendly as compared to those available on the former versions.

You can copy-paste commands, wrap text, make the window transparent and do much more.

·         New Trackpad Gestures

It is an exception to the typical hidden features given the always-available nature. Mac OS has been dominant all through the last years when it comes to trackpad support. They support different gestures that make the computing much easier.

Microsoft brought the Mac level trackpad gesture support to Windows 10 computers too. You don’t have to activate anything to start using them. The OS comes onboard with them active by default.

Along with common gestures like pinch to zoom, two-fingers scrolling, and two-finger tap to right-click, you can use powerful ones like three fingers swiping upward to show task view, downward to display the desktop, three fingers tap for Cortana, and four-fingers tap to open action center.

·         Support for MKV, FLAC, and HEVC

By default, Windows 10 has two different choices to open a single file type (Windows Media Player or Movies& TV, Windows Media Player or Groove Music, Windows Photo Viewer or Photos etc.). The Windows Media Player had been out of the league due to its limited format support on the earlier OS versions.

The Windows 10 rewrote the future of native video players with the extended support for MKV, FLAC, and HEVC formats. You may not get a chance to know this fact that you still may be using a third-party application. Go on to use the default applications to see how much power and resource you can save.

Wrapping Up

You have got five of the top hidden Windows 10 features here. I am sure that you won’t be having any issues to utilize them as the above section sums up everything for the activation.

In case you think you are in trouble, feel free to comment below.

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