Top 5 Best dictionary apps for Windows 10

There are a few apps that we all install on our devices. These can be mail apps, calendar apps or even dictionary apps. There are various advantages of installing a dictionary app on your system or a device. First of all, you have the full dictionary at your fingertips. Secondly, you can take advantage of these dictionary apps to correct someone on the internet (I am joking).

No, seriously, Dictionary apps can be useful for people who are trying to acquire new vocabulary skills, people who are learning English and of course, students also find it useful. These are five of the best dictionary apps that you can download and use on Windows 10.

Dictionary by Farlex

Dictionary by Farflex is a freemium dictionary app for Windows 10. It is supported by ads and to remove these ads, you can just buy a pro version right from the app. You can look for definitions of a word, and as you search for words, you will be shown the suggestions related to what you are typing. You will be able to check the definition(s), usage, etc. This is a really easy to use dictionary app.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford is a known name when it comes to English dictionaries. Oxford keeps up with the new world order and updates their dictionaries as new words are added in our day to day usage.

This specific dictionary from Oxford is priced at $24.99 which seems quite high for a dictionary at first. But the price is justified based on the features you get. You get perfect definitions, audio pronunciations in both British as well as American versions. You can even search for words if you are not sure about the spelling as the app takes advantage of fuzzy logic.

Perfect Dictionary

Perfect Dictionary works in a unique way. You get a basic app that you download and then you can download various different dictionaries from the library. The size of each dictionary is shown so you have clarity and you can browse and download the ones you need.

You can download dictionaries of various types i.e. English to Hindi, English to Chinese, etc. This is a good choice for those who are looking for an all in one solution for all their dictionary needs as it provides translations and definitions in other languages.

Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary truly stands up to its name, and you will notice it while using. It is one of the most polished and well-designed apps for Windows 10. You can search for a word, and you can find the definition, gallery and other things like usage, nouns, etc. The app is supported by ads, but you can remove them after a small in-app purchase.

iTranslate – translator & dictionary

iTranslate has two apps on the Windows 10 Store. One is simply is translator app and the other one also has a dictionary built right in. This app is perfect for those who want to do two jobs with the same app. iTranslate can translate things from one language to another while also providing definitions which is an added advantage.

These were some of the best dictionary apps that you can download and install on your Windows 10 System. The Advanced English Dictionary is my personal choice. Which one do you like?

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