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Top 5 Antivirus Programs for Windows 10

Okay, so you’ve installed Windows 10 on your computer and are enjoying every bit of it. There’s only one problem, though: you’re not feeling safe enough with Windows Defender and want complete peace of mind by using a third-party antivirus program. The program that was working just fine on your Windows 8 copy isn’t compatible with this version, and you’re still wondering if any antivirus company has been responsible (and kind) enough to support Windows 10.

Well, your search has come to an end. Given below is our list of top 5 best antivirus programs that are compatible with Windows 10:

1. Avast Antivirus

They might’ve been late, but they did the best thing out there. Avast remained incompatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview for a long time. But 2015 version of Avast Free Antivirus finally brought compatibility with Windows  10 along with several new features – and not just any features, but features that help it stand out from the crowd. Some of its major features include:

    • A Software Updater that can be used to update the apps and programs on your PC,
    • A browser cleanup tool that’ll allow you to get rid of useless extensions and toolbars from your browser for speedy internet browsing,
    • A Remote Assistance tool that’ll allow you to control your computer remotely from another computer,
    • Boot-time malware scanning, which scans your computer for security issues before it starts and any viruses get activated,
    • Streaming virus database updates that keep your antivirus updated in real-time by synchronizing definitions from Avast server,
    • And much more than that.

As of now Avast is the best antivirus compatible with Windows 10.

avast free antivius 2015

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free 2015

The Second well-known free antivirus program that works perfectly with Windows 10 is Bitdefender 2016. Configuring it is super simple, maintenance required is little to none but still the security that it provides is kind of unbreachable. We personally use Bitdefender Total Security on our PC as it is one of the best antivirus for windows 10.


3. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee has also thrown its hat into Windows 10 camp and this $89.99 product from the company is compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming OS. It’s a perfect solution for users who seek more security features aside from virus protection i.e. parental controls, spam mail filter, and other web security tools.

mcafee total protection

4. 360 Total Security

When no antivirus was compatible with Windows 10, this one was. 360 Total Security was perhaps the first third-party antivirus fully compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview. Perhaps the best feature of this antivirus is its virus scanning engine, which combines five different engines (including Avira and Bitdefender engines) together to improve virus detection as much as possible. Plus, it also protects your computer from phishing, backdoor or malware attacks.

360 total security

5. AVG Free Antivirus 2015

Finally, we’ve this thing from AVG. Features include identity protection to prevent data theft, email scanner that automatically deletes malicious attachments from emails, social networking protection that scans links exchanged with social networking sites, a LinkScanner Surf-Shield that prevents you from opening infected or illegal sites and so on.

avg free antivirus 2015

We’ve already tested all these programs listed under the best antivirus for windows 10 and found them working fine on our copy of Windows 10. You can install any of them, and when you do, please let us know your thoughts about the program in the comments.

So, these were the best antivirus for Windows 10. If you like or use any other Antivirus program for windows 10, do let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Yogesh is a Blogger, Bike Traveler, Adventurer. He Loves to visit new places on his motorcycle. He is a Windows Fanboy and spends most of his time finding solutions for various Windows 10 problems.

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  • Robert Alan Snape

    just waiting to see for myself how good window’s 10 so let’s see at the end of July?


  • Magnus Johansson

    How about Avira Antivirus?

  • Marvin Jones

    I have been using AVG for a couple of years and when I upgraded to Windows 10 the AVG system seamlessly adapted itself perfectly from everything that I see.

  • jayaraju

    hello brother avg antivirus 2015 not working for windows check and reedit your article once again

  • Admin

    kindly let us know the machine info on which it is not working

  • Admin

    we haven’t tested avira as of now. But you can try it is also a good free antivirus program.

  • Lisa

    Avira seems to have been bought over to Windows 10 perfectly and running without an issue.

  • How about Comodo Antivirus for Windows 10. (It’s Special Version for Windows 10).

  • Admin

    We haven’t tested Comodo Antivirus on Windows 10 but yes there is a special Windows 10 compatible version.

  • deeds

    I was told today that my Avast free antivirus was not good at all for my asus lap top. I was not allowed to get on the internet so I called customer support. They fixed it but told me not to go onto the internet until I purchased a better antivirus program because it will do the same thing all over again and then I’d have to buy a new lap top because they couldn’t fix it. Then she tried to sell me Microsoft antivirus for $120 for a lifelong plan. Which is not bad but…. like I have $120 to just give them! So my question is, is she just feeding me a line just to get me to buy from her so she can make a commission or is this true. And if it’s a line of bull what antivirus should I go with

  • Debbie Meadows

    I am curious did I just get scammed by using us Global Tech clean up my computer? I have windows 10

  • Ellem Chang

    Agreed. It’s doing good in Windows 10. Best of all, no intrusion, no advertisements and no bloody suggestions.

  • Ellem Chang

    I suggest you go for it before the free offer expires. You’ll have a modern and aesthetic system without spending a dime. It’s fast. Of course problems may be there depending upon your system configurations and hardwares. But by and large it will be okay. This I’ve experienced.

  • Krishanu Banerjee

    I tried avg today. after restarting my windows10 wasnt booting at all.
    It gets stuck at welcome screen or max it reaches a black screen with a hanged explorer.
    Had to use system restore from startup.

  • Avast rules

  • George Kasiouras

    AVG was always working for me, but what about Anti-Malware programs? I heard that we need both to stay safe, I have MalwareFox at this moment.