Top 3 Best Tools for live Streaming in Windows 10 | Be a professional Live Streamer

If you are a content creator or a YouTuber, then you might be looking forward to starting a Livestream to get a sensation of personal touch with your audience. Not just a YouTuber, even if you are a Twitch Gamer or Programmer, you might be willing to do a professional Livestream for your Audience. Now, there is quite a lot of software out there on the Internet for professional Live Streams. Some of them are good while others not so much. That’s why we decided why not make things easier for you guys.

Today, in this post, we would be covering on the Top 3 Best Tools for live Streaming in Windows 10 which would help you in becoming a professional Live Streamer. Now if that sounds interesting, let us jump right into the list. Should we?

Top 3 Best Tools for live Streaming in Windows 10

Here are our Top 3 Best Tools for live Streaming in Windows 10. Now, do note that this list is in no particular order. With that being said, we have listed down some of the Pros and Cons for each software which will help you in picking the best tool for you.

1. OBS

Price: Free

Starting off the list of Best Tools for live Streaming in Windows 10, we have the Open Broadcaster Software (often referred to as OBS). This is actually an open-source project which has been built by a community. Since it is open-source software with a lot of amazing features, it got pretty popular among the streamers in a short span of time. Now, one of the things which you can’t do with the OBS Software is Multistream. So if you were here looking for a Multistream tool for Windows, then you should look at the next two options. With that being said, there is still a lot to explore in the OBS tool.

Now, there is no centralized support for this tool. So if you are a tech-savvy, then the chances are that you will be able to get the issue sorted out. But for everyone else, you might need to struggle a bit. Simply search on the internet what issue you have, and you’ll surely get a lot of solutions for your problem. Let us now take a look at the Pros and Cons of the OBS Tool for Windows PC. Should we?


  • Completely free to use.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Reliable for the most part.
  • Does not eat up a lot of resources.


  • No centralized support.
  • Might be difficult for a beginner.
  • No support for Multistreaming.

Let us now take a look at our next Live Streaming Tool for Windows PC. Should we?

2. XSplit

Price: Free with basic features
Premium: One-time $199 purchase or a
Monthly subscription starting from around $4 a month.

Coming up next, we have the XSplit coming in at number 2 on the list. The XSplit has a really nice, responsive and Modern User Interface. This tool offers a lot of amazing features for Livestream. The tool has a brand new feature which lets the users’ blur, replace, or remove their webcam background within the app for better presentation. You do need to have a green-screen in the background in order to use this feature on your Windows PC. Now, the free version of this tool puts a watermark with Videos above 720p resolution and 30 fps.

You need to buy the paid version of the tool in order to get rid of the watermark. You can save your videos in either MP4 or FLV format. The company does come out with frequent updates which makes sure that the users get the best live streaming experience with this tool. You can stream your video live o platforms like YouTube or Twitch from within the tool. Let us now take a look at the Pros and Cons of the XSplit. Should we?


  • The tool is pretty easy to use.
  • Stable for the most part.
  • Gret support.
  • Does offer some great features and integrations.


  • Only available for Windows.
  • Watermark on Videos above 720p resolution and 30 fps.
  • You need to get the paid version to unlock all the features.

3. Lightstream

Price: Free

Lightstream is another great tool for live streamers which is completely free to use. Now, this tool works in a very unique way. As you might have already noticed, more and more things now a days are becoming cloud-based. Whether it’s documents, spreadsheets, notes or even file storage. The idea behind Lightstream is to create a platform where compositing and encoding are done on Lightstream servers. You still get to adjust all the settings which you want to like any other software with the help of the tool, but it will process the video on its cloud server. Since most of the intense tasks are being done on their servers, it saves a lot of CPU resources.

This tool provides a lot of amazing features which includes but are not limited to slick overlays, guest-hosting, native support for popular streaming tools, remote scene switching via your phone or tablet, live chat support, and a lot more. The assets of your project are also saved in the cloud which is another great thing. Now, the only thing which you need to make sure is a powerful Active Internet connection. Let us now take a look at the Pros and Cons for Lightstream.


  • Completely free.
  • Cloud-based tool.
  • Quick and easy to setup.
  • Live Chat support.
  • Does not require the best hardware.


  • Mostly 720p streaming.
  • There are some known sound issues with this tool.

So, guys, those were some of the Best Tools for live Streaming in Windows 10 | Be a professional Live Streamer. Let us know your pick in the comments section down below.

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