Titanfall 2’s next update brings Live Fire game mode and three new maps

Respawn Entertainment has detailed some new content coming to Titanfall 2 in an upcoming update. Included in the update is a new game mode, new maps, a new matchmaking interface and more.

Even with the high praise from reviewers, the launch of Titanfall 2 falling between the two FPS giants – Battlefield One and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – didn’t bode well for the early sales of the game.

In spite of this, EA and Respawn Entertainment has pledged to keep bringing free content updates to the game. The first of which arrived last November with a new map, weapon and more content, free to all players.

New game mode

First up is the new Live Fire game mode that is coming to Titanfall 2 in the update. This game mode will have our Titan buddies on the bench while the pilots go at each other.

Live Fire will have 6v6 pilot-only battles happening with a best of five rounds winning system. Winning a round involves killing all the pilots of the other team or capturing a flag on the map. Since players will only have a single life per round, the advantage will go to teams that work well together.

New maps

Of the three new maps coming in the update, two of them will be for the new game mode. Named Stacks and Meadow, both maps will feature close quarter environments perfect for the titan-less battles of Live Fire mode.

The last map of the update – Columns – is for the 1v1 pilot only mode Coliseum. Although missing any more details, Respawn may release more information about these maps as they get closer to their release.

New matchmaking system and more

The update is replacing the current playlist interface with a new mixtape system, where players can choose multiple modes to matchmake on instead of the previous, single mode selection system. Ensuring even the not so popular game modes of Titanfall 2 will get some more players without the need to matchmake for them explicitly.

Lastly, players will get a new Pilot execution move to use in battles and new Commander intros for the factions.

Respawn is remaining tight-lipped about the release date of this patch, but we expect it to arrive around February. Apart from this update, the studio has promised even more free updates in the future with new maps, weapons and more content coming up in 2017 for Titanfall 2.

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