The Eternal Dawn update hits Gigantic for Xbox One and Windows 10

Motiga, the developers of Gigantic, is back with another update for their free MOBA game following their last month’s update. The Eternal Dawn update is bringing another new hero into the fold as well as other goodies to try out.

Gigantic is currently in the Open Beta phase with the developers consistently adding brand new content such as new heroes with unique abilities to further expand the available roster and new summonable creatures to help in battle along with drastic gameplay changes for balance purposes.

The Eternal Dawn update

The update is bringing Zandora as a new hero, the second hero to release since Gigantic’s early access launch. Zandora is a melee support centric hero that uses a range of Aura abilities to give allies essential boosts.

When playing as Zandora, players have access to three auras that they may switch between at any point. Namely, Strength, Haste and Life auras, helping allies deal extra damage, move faster and regenerate their health, respectively.

Zandora’s focus skill – Vow of Shielding – gives allies in her range a shield that absorbs a large amount of damage. Moreover, dealing damage using basic attacks while the shield is active increases its health, a great ability for initiating fights.

A new creature is also here to aid our heroes in battle, in the form of – Storm Drake. This creature can easily deal damage to groups of enemies thanks to its lightning attacks that bounce between targets.

Furthermore, players that reach rank 10 with a hero will get access to Eternal Light weapons in the store. These weapons will go along nicely with the Eternal Master skins from the previous update.

There are many more changes and bug fixes that are coming with this large, or more appropriately this gigantic update; such as new crosshairs for weapons, more bonuses to players that finish rounds with missing team members and a brand new UI system that shows a useful damage preview when fighting guardians.

The full list of changes Motiga has implemented in The Eternal Dawn update is available – here.


Players may unlock Zandora through the in-game store or by purchasing the new Eternal Dawn bundle, that in addition to Zandora, contains all the heroes, creatures, and skins for the game.

However, keep in mind that all owners of the Gigantic Founder’s pack will receive Zandora and two more upcoming heroes for free.

Gigantic is free-to-play on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms, available through its store page in the Windows Store.

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