The Cave is now free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers this month

After the early release of this month’s free Xbox One game a few days ago, Microsoft is back with their free Xbox 360 game – The Cave by Double Fine Productions, right on time.

Double Fine Productions

The studio Double Fine’s track record of making amazing games ordinarily need no mention, however, we will do so anyway.

First started off by Tim Schafer back in 2000 after leaving LucasArts; the studio quickly rose in popularity with the launch of multiple critically acclaimed games over the years. Some of the most notable of them being Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and Stacking.

The company gathered massive support for a Kickstarter campaign for the point-and-click adventure game – Broken Age in 2012. Raising over three million dollars over the requested amount of four hundred thousand. In fact, this being one of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of crowd-funded games.

Lately Double Fine has also waded into publishing games of indie studios. One of them being the upcoming humorous party game – Gang Beasts by Boneloaf studios.

The Cave

The game is a puzzle platformer about a magical talking cave, solely developed by Double Fine Productions. When starting off, players get to choose three explorers from the seven available. Each of these characters having their own motives and talents that they can use when traversing the cave.

These explorers are wildly different from each other, with choices such as a time traveler or a crazy hillbilly. While playing, players can switch between the selected characters to solve puzzles and progress through the cave.

Although missing any online modes, players may play The Cave in local coop; supporting up to three players at a time, each controlling one of the chosen explorers.


With the start of the New Year, last month’s free games through the Games With Gold promotion has now ended. This means both Burnout Paradise and Watchdogs: Definitive Edition are no longer up for grabs from the Store. But as always, Microsoft has replaced them with another round of free games for this month; them being – World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap, which came a few days early and today’s game – The Cave.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility Program, both Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners can get The Cave for free; all they need is an account with an active subscription for Xbox Live Gold to claim it from the Store.

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