Study: Xbox owners spend 12 minutes more than PlayStation owners playing games, PC the most popular gaming platform

A new study by a British market research firm – Global Web Index – concludes that Xbox One owners spend more time playing games on their consoles than PlayStation 4 owners.

The study as a whole interviews 200,000 internet users across 34 markets and asks a variety of questions that are not just related to gaming but other internet mediums as well.

The consoles

For the console numbers specifically, GWI asked 17,990 console users how much time they spend playing games on their consoles each day.

GWI Study for Consoles

The results say this: WiiU owners spend more time playing their games than PlayStation 4 owners. The Xbox One is on top – but it beats WiiU by only a minute. In turn, WiiU beats PlayStation 4 by 11 minutes.

It is clear that the older generation consoles are falling as they grow old – which is to be expected. However, it is odd when PlayStation 4 owners spend less time engaging with their console – despite its better line up of 1st and 3rd party games.

The difference in time might not sound significant – 11 and 12 minutes are not a big deal – but this is an average statistic so we can only take it at its face value.

While the study says it covers people from the age of 16-64, it could be that PlayStation 4 owners within this sample size of 17,990 people are older than the Xbox One owners – leading us to this number.

There are a few other factors that could affect this statistic as well, but we can’t possibly go through all of them. The point is this: Xbox One owners spend a few more minutes playing games than PlayStation 4 owners, and this might or might not be significant.

The platforms

This one is a surprising result – the question asked from 200,000 internet users around the world aged 16-64 was this:

Thinking about devices listed below, can you tell us which you have at home and have used to play games?

This is what they said:

GWI Study

The PC is a much more popular platform than consoles – which is a surprise considering consoles are usually leading the charge when it comes to AAA investments from game publishers.

Smartphones are 2nd – which is not surprising, considering the smartphone market has exploded in recent years.

The others

The full study covers more things beyond gaming – here are some of the interesting tidbits from it:

  • Close to a fifth of internet users has a Twitch account, as gaming and e-sports become a modern spectacle.
  • 4 in 10 internet users have shown interest in using a VR headset at some point in future. Young internet users and men lead this one.
  • PlayStation 4 is most desired console, with 3 out of 10 people in the market looking to buy one.
  • 93% of internet users watch at least one video clip online every month.
  • 2 in 3 internet users might be streaming music from a music-streaming service every month, but only 13% of them pay for it.
  • Spotify is the most popular music streaming service.
  • Netflix is the most popular video streaming service, but 31% of internet users say they use a VPN service to access the better libraries of other countries.
  • 4 in 10 internet users find new brands and products through TV ads.
  • 38% of internet users are block ads on their desktop browsers, with 3 in 10 doing the same on their smartphones.

The full study for Q3 2016 can be found over here, but only the summary is available for free. The console specific stats are here. These are some interesting results, and some of them might be contradicting the popular view.

The accuracy of this study can perhaps be debated, but Global Web Index have been doing this more than eight years.

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